Integrated Video and Audio

Ovative brings a digital-first, customer-led and integrated approach to video and audio marketing with our unparalleled focus on measurement and optimization and our relentless drive to deliver incremental enterprise results.



Our Integrated Video and Audio team provides holistic Video and Audio planning and buying services, which drive performance across the full media funnel through fluid program management, cohesive storytelling, and creative integration.
We plan, buy, and optimize across the following channels:

  • Video: National, local, direct response, and addressable video including OTT, CTV, and linear
  • Audio: Terrestrial radio and streaming audio, inclusive of podcasts

Our Philosophy

An integrated customer-led approach is key 

We start with the customer and orient our media strategy, planning, execution, and measurement to support customer goals. We understand the unique relationship your customer has with your brand and how to leverage that brand power with marketing channels to reach existing and high-potential new customers as they live their lives.

How We Are Different

Digital channel fluidity

We leverage our expertise across the full spectrum of digital channels to speak to today’s omnichannel customers. We fluidly manage your budgets with optimizations and media mix shifts to maximize your investment.

Integration with creative 

Our team works closely with our in-house creatives or external creative partners to guide creative contact strategies, execution, reporting, insights, and iterative testing in platform for a fluid customer-led approach.  

Unparalleled focus on measurement and optimization 

We are not a set it and forget it shop. We expertly measure and report on all elements of Enterprise Marketing Return (EMR) along with traditional performance metrics to enable fluid, cross-channel optimizations that maximize enterprise impact. We leverage EMR as a common metric to evaluate performance across traditional and digital channels. 

Ready to find out how we can move the needle for you? 

Let’s start with an audit. Our team will take you through a customized and comprehensive analysis of your media program to assess key areas of opportunity, both short and long-term. We translate this into tangible recommendations that move your business forward.

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