New Customer Acquisition on Bing

Vitamin and Supplement Retailer

Ovative’s SEM team helped a vitamin and supplement retailer acquire new customers on Bing by using the Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN) and Audience Lists.


When Ovative began managing this DTC vitamin and supplement retailer’s paid search program, they were facing declining performance, and needed to better understand their consumers in order to acquire, retain, and grow customers. Over the past two years, Ovative has transformed their program by identifying five high-value, need-based customer segments and focusing all media strategies around acquiring these customers. Part of this strategy included a shift from measuring only last-click revenue to measuring and optimizing against Enterprise Marketing Return (EMR). 

Today, this vitamin and supplement retailer is at the forefront of new paid search products and offerings. To continue elevating their best-in-class program and hone in on new ways to acquire high-value customers, Ovative is always assessing and testing into new advertising opportunities to align with the client’s strategy.  


The implementation of these MSAN Shopping campaigns and switch to the ‘retail’ vertical drove almost 3,000 new customersscaling revenue by 48% on 107% additional spend period over period.

Additional room to scale has been identified as marginal EMR remained above the outlined goals for both first and third party products. Ovative teams are continually leaning into these opportunities to scale given the impressive performance and exploring opportunities to maximize the client’s investment.


Ovative worked to identify Microsoft Advertising opportunities to help reach new high-value customers for this client in their five target segments. Ovative also utilized Enterprise Marketing Return (EMR) to measure and optimize media spend beyond just last-click ROAS, ensuring the client could acquire high-value customers today that will help sustain and grow the business in the future. 

In order to reach and convert key customer segments, Ovative recommended Microsoft Audience Network and Audience Lists because of their extensive targeting capabilities. Ovative also set target EMR goals to optimize investments real time, measure campaign effectiveness, and prove value. 

Ovative implemented two MSAN Shopping campaigns beginning in May 2021, one for first party products sold and a second for third-party products. Since this client makes a higher margin on first-party products, separating the campaigns allowed Ovative to bid more aggressively on first party campaigns and set unique EMR targets for each ($1.60 EMR for first and $1.20 EMR for third). 

Ovative also collaborated with Microsoft partners to shift the client’s industry setting from ‘health and wellness’ to ‘retail’. With the industry set to ‘health and wellness,’ Microsoft Audience Lists for PII (Personally Identifiable Information) reasons were not able to be used. However, since this client sells vitamins and supplements that are available without a prescription, protecting PII was not necessary. Changing the industry setting to ‘retail’ unlocked the use of Audience Lists to target groups like past purchasers, product viewers, cart abandoners, and more. This opened new opportunities to continue refining targeting to align with key segments and increased buy in from the client on using Microsoft Advertising products. 

Vitamin Supplement Provider New Customer Acquisition

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