Ovative Group Privacy Notice

This notice outlines the practices we follow in collecting, securing, using, and sharing personal information from individuals who access our website and in the services we provide our clients.


Ovative Group is an independent, digital-first media and measurement firm. We help change makers drive measurable performance. Our focus is on helping our clients transform the measure of marketing success, starting with Enterprise Marketing Return.

Our services include media programs, marketing and measurement consulting, and measurement products that are integrated into third-party ads, communications, and sites. This policy outlines the practices we follow in collecting, securing, using, and sharing personal information from individuals who access our website and in the services that we provide to our clients.

While we do not have a direct relationship with customers who engage with our clients, we use anonymized and aggregated information as part of the products we provide.

Generally, the personal information we use is only associated with the media and advertising activities of our clients. This information is not typically associated with any of their customers. We do not know, nor will we attempt to know, the identity of customers engaging with our clients.

Information Ovative Group collects

As part of the services that we provide to our clients, we may collect or receive the following personal information pertaining to our clients’ customers:

  • Identifiers such as
    • Customers’ hashed (SHA-256) email address
    • The IP addresses associated with customers’ devices
    • Cookie IDs associated with customers’ devices
  • Commercial information, including
    • records of products or services purchased, obtained, or considered
  • Internet or other electronic network activity information, including:
    • Browsing activity dates and times
    • Details about types of devices, operating systems, and browsers used
    • The URLs of referring and visited client websites
    • Audience targeting data disclosed for client marketing purposes
  • Inferences drawn from any of the information identified in this subdivision to create a profile about a consumer reflecting the consumer’s preferences, characteristics, psychological trends, predispositions, behavior, attitudes, intelligence, abilities, and aptitudes.

As part of the job application process and employment, we may collect or receive the following personal information:

  • Identifiers, such as:
    • real name,
    • email address,
    • postal address,
    • employment history, and
    • social security number.
  • Protected characteristics, such as:
    • mental or physical disability,
    • military or veteran status,
    • race,
    • sex and gender, and
    • gender identity or expression.

How we collect or receive personal data

We receive or collect personal data in four ways:

From our clients or third parties

Our clients provide us with data from advertising, sales, customer relationship management, digital media, and other sources. This data may be combined with, enriched by, or include additional data from relevant third-party services, including social media platforms.

When necessary, we use strong cryptographic hashing functions to reduce personal identifiers to a value that cannot be reversed, even by us! Usually, however, this client-supplied data is already anonymized when we receive it.

In any case, the personal information we receive is only associated with a specific client and is not tied to the customers who engage with them.

As part of our services

As part of the services that we provide to our clients, we may use anonymous and common web-based tracking technologies, including:

  • A small image embedded in a web page, known as a web beacon or tracking pixel, that allows anonymous tracking of access to specific web resources associated with products and services of our clients.
  • A cookie, or small text file that can be stored by a web browser (on any type of device), that enables anonymous tracking of browsers used to access sites associated with our clients.

In both cases, we only uniquely associate these tracking technologies with a specific client of ours, not with your identity.

Directly via our website

When you fill out the Contact Us form on our website, we retain and use that information only for internal purposes to support and maintain our relationship with you. Specifically, this includes:

  • Collecting information if you are a potential or current client
  • Collecting information if you are a candidate applying to work for us
  • Responding to requests for information or to be added to our newsletter distribution list

Additionally, we employ standard tools on our website to better understand how it’s used, how it’s performing, and for our own marketing purposes. These tools use the same kinds of tracking technologies outlined above and explained further in the cookies section.

Directly from an applicant or employee

While applying for employment or being actively employed, personal information is received directly from the candidate/employee. This information is used only for internal purposes to support and maintain our relationship with you in the course of application/employment. This processing relies on the legal bases of consent and legitimate interests. The legitimate interest of Ovative Group in this case is to find individuals who are best qualified for positions at Ovative and to offer an opportunity to fill those positions.

How we use anonymized statistical and aggregated data

We use anonymized statistical and aggregated data to provide our services, platforms, and products as detailed in the introduction. This data is derived from the personal information we receive from our clients and gathered from other places,

Additionally, we use this data for our internal processes to improve, monitor, and measure the performance of our services, and only share this anonymized statistical and aggregated data in alignment with the terms of this Privacy Policy. This is another application of legitimate interests in order to provide a better experience to our clients.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file stored by a web browser that enables the tracking of browsers used to access sites. In this policy, we will also consider other tracking technologies “cookies.” Cookies have three divisions depending on how they are stored, who places them, and their purpose.

Session or persistent cookies

Session cookies are temporary cookies which are deleted once you close your browser. The cookie captures a unique identifier for your website visit. During a single browsing session, a website could use a session cookie to collect user activity such as items added to a shopping cart.

Persistent cookies, in comparison, remain on your device even after your browser is closed. This way, information can be accessed across multiple browsing sessions, such as language preferences.

First or third-party cookies

A first-party cookie is deployed and stored by the owner of the website in question.

A third-party cookie is deployed by another party on behalf of the owner of the website, and those cookies are shared with the third party. The owner of the website simply includes the third-party server’s code onto their website to place these cookies. A third-party cookie is typically a persistent cookie used for online advertising purposes.

Categories of cookies

Strictly necessary cookies are required to browse the website and use its features, such as the shopping cart. These are typically first-party session cookies. Consent is not required to deploy these cookies.

Functional cookies are cookies that save your website preferences or choices such as language, region, and login credentials.

Performance cookies collect information on what you click and interact with on the website. These cookies are aggregated and anonymized.

Marketing cookies track your online activity to help target you with more relevant advertising and stop showing you less relevant advertising. These are most likely to be persistent third-party cookies.

Types of cookies we deploy

During your time spent on our website, cookies may be placed on your browser to help us to better understand how our website is used and performing along with our own marketing purposes. These purposes are fulfilled using first and third-party strictly necessary, functional, performance, and marketing cookies.

How to opt out of cookies

To opt out of our tracking technologies and cookies on our website, you can configure each browser on your device to block cookies via settings at these links: Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

Selling your information

We do not sell personal information collected or received from our clients, other third parties, or individuals.

Sharing your information

We may share personal information for several reasons, including:

  • With our clients to provide our services, platforms, and products to them.
  • With companies that provide services to us in support of our business activities.
  • To protect our rights, your rights or safety, or the safety of others; to investigate fraud, misuse of our services, or other crimes; or to comply with legitimate law enforcement requests.
  • With legal authorities to help prevent fraud, comply with valid court orders, governmental or regulatory requests, or as otherwise required by law.

All third parties we engage, including our cloud services providers, are only authorized to use the personal information we share with them as necessary to provide their services to us. Access to the data, services, and cloud resources is tightly controlled.

We also require those third parties to adhere to industry-accepted information security standards, privacy practices, and the principles of this Privacy Notice.

Retaining your information

We retain personal information provided by or collected on behalf of our clients as long as our client relationship is active.

We retain personal information provided by or collected on behalf of applicants and employees for no more than one year after an applicant withdraws, or seven years after employment has been terminated.

We retain information collected via cookies and trackers on our website only as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes of marketing and/or understanding how our website is functioning.

Securing your information

We utilize physical, technical, and administrative controls and procedures designed to safeguard the information we collect, prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, maintain data accuracy of your personal information, and restrict the processing of your personal information as set forth in this notice.

We use a variety of physical and logical access controls, firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, network and database monitoring, anti-virus, and backup systems. We use encrypted sessions when collecting or transferring sensitive data through our Site.

Our servers are hosted in the United States. Your information may be transferred overseas to the US if you are located in another country at the time of providing your data either to us via our website or to our clients. In order to permit data to be transferred from the EU to the US, we participate in the EU-US DPF.

We limit access to your personal information and data to those persons who have a specific business purpose for maintaining and processing such information. Our employees who have been granted access to your personal information are made aware of their responsibilities to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of that information and have been provided training and instruction on how to do so.

Your privacy rights

Under territory-specific laws such as the GDPR or CCPA, you may have the right to:

  • opt-out of our services,
  • withdraw your consent for processing your information.
  • confirm whether we are processing your information,
  • correct your information,
  • access or export your information,
  • delete your information, or
  • file a complaint with a Supervisory Authority.

If you would like to take any of these steps, there are two things to consider:

  • The data supplied to us by our clients or other third parties are controlled by those organizations’ privacy policies. We do not control how they collect your personal information, so you must follow their published processes to opt out of data collection.
  • To opt-out of our tracking technologies, you can configure each browser on each device you use to block cookies and to send “Do Not Track” (DNT) requests if supported.

To protect your privacy and security, we take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting access to your personal information. Please follow the instructions below based on your relationship with us and provide the requested information to allow us to adequately address your request. We will respond to your request within a reasonable timeframe and as otherwise required by applicable law in your location.

If you would like to opt-out of services, withdraw consent, confirm processing, correct, access, export, or delete your information, please contact us using the methods outlined in the Contact Us section.

Changes to our Privacy Notice

We reserve the right to change, add, or remove portions of this Privacy Notice at any time and without notice. You can find the date this Notice was last revised at the bottom of this page.

Please check this page periodically to ensure you are fully informed about our current privacy practices.

Contact us

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, concerns, or comments related to our Privacy Policy!  You can reach us by email to [email protected], via phone at 612-886-1010, or using the form at https://ovative.com/contact-us/.

Last updated 2024-01-09