Enterprise Marketing Return

One part metric, one part mindset. A new metric that unifies marketing return by incorporating online and offline revenue, future customer value, incrementality and profitability. A mindset that pushes business leaders to transform how they approach marketing.

Transforming the Measure of Marketing Success

We are looking beyond metrics like Return on Ad Spend and last click attribution to give marketing leaders what they need to understand the true return of their marketing investments.

Enterprise Marketing Return is about outsmarting, not outspending.

While the rest of Major League Baseball was caught up in bidding wars paying record-breaking salaries, Beane was focused on outsmarting the competition by considering different metrics: on base percentage and slugging percentage.

Similarly, Enterprise Marketing Return allows our clients to outsmart their competition, while keeping spending in check. Within the first 12 months of measuring and optimizing to EMR, our clients experience a 25% increased return on their marketing spend.

"We've got to use every piece of data and piece of information, and hopefully that will help us be accurate with our player evaluation. For us, that's our life blood." -Billy Beane
We are building a coalition to transform the measure of marketing success, starting with our clients already taking action on Enterprise Marketing Return.

Your Journey to Enterprise Marketing Return

Get Your Score, Find Your Way

All brands experience Enterprise Marketing Return at different levels, it’s just a matter of figuring out where you are, what you need and how to keep the momentum going.

To figure out where you are on the journey, take a short assessment to get your EMR Score and we’ll give you a plan for how to get started and guide you to related content and resources.


EMR Content Hub

Always-on updates about Enterprise Marketing Measurement.
Early Morning Riffs

Early Morning Riffs is a show about the need for change in the marketing world today. Through some good ol’ fashioned riff sessions, host Brandon Wishnow (aka the “Riffs Commish”) talks with company leaders and industry experts about a wide range of modern day marketing topics. In the end, we hope you leave each episode with a few nuggets of actionable wisdom and feeling optimistic about our collective ability to tackle the continuous change ahead.


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Brandon Wishnow of Ovative Group and Jim Nail of Forrester outline the assumptions brands have today about marketing measurement practices and quickly transition into talking about how large organizations can leverage data to drive more strategic conversations about unlocking enterprise value.

Avoid the Hype: Build Measurement that Drives Real Enterprise Value


What is Enterprise Marketing Return?
Enterprise Marketing Return is one part metric, one part mindset. It’s a new metric that unifies marketing return by incorporating online and offline revenue, future customer value, incrementality and profitability. It’s also a mindset that pushes business leaders to transform how they approach marketing. Enterprise Marketing Return is at its best when metric and mindset […]
Get Your Organization Ready for Enterprise Marketing Return
One of the most common mistakes we see when it comes to marketing measurement is an over-reliance on technology to solve problems. Far too many marketers look to a given tool, technology or platform to unlock value without first appreciating the many other elements that must be in place in order to drive value. Gartner’s […]
The Marketing Measurement Coalition
We need a new way of thinking about, and measuring, marketing success. Our answer is Enterprise Marketing Return, but we want to open the conversation up to a broader group of changemakers to join us in redefining the measure of marketing success. We’re looking for leaders challenging the measurement status quo, specifically within the industries […]

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We are building a coalition of marketing leaders to transform the measure of marketing success, starting with Enterprise Marketing Return. We ask that you join us in this endeavor by becoming a member of the Marketing Measurement Coalition.

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