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BETA.MN’s Twin Cities Startup Week Fly-In Program

Ovative partnered with BETA.MN to provide top tech talent with the opportunity to experience the Twin Cities startup scene, with the goal of relocating them to Minnesota.  


BETA is a non profit that brings people together to support and celebrate the efforts of Minnesota-based entrepreneurs. This includes supporting Minnesota-based technology founders, and founder alumni, accounting for over 2,233 employees. BETA also supports the broader tech industry, from tech talent to companies moving the tech landscape forward in Minnesota. This includes hosting Twin Cities Startup Week (TCSW), attracting over 3,200 tech and entrepreneurial enthusiasts to network, elevate their skills, and harness the power of community.

Ovative partnered with BETA to bring out of state participants to TCSW through a Fly-In Program. This program gives national tech talent the opportunity to experience the Twin Cities’ entrepreneurial spirit, meet companies hiring, and inspire them to relocate to Minnesota!

BETA.MN wanted to attract a broader range of potential participants to the Fly-in Program and ensure the current digital site experience and application process was smooth and easy. Ovative partnered with BETA.MN to scale marketing efforts through Paid Social and Paid Search, optimize the site and application experience, and provide analytics to understand how marketing was helping attract new applicants.


  • BETA.MN met their application goals 
  • LinkedIn ads reached over 97k users at a 4x frequency while driving over 400 clicks to site 
  • In the 6 weeks leading up to TCSW, Google Grant usage scaled over 3,000%. 


  1. Audited the Fly-In Program landing page & digital application
    1. Provided and guided recommendations for Fly-In Program landing page to create a seamless, personable discovery and application process.
    2. Provided recommendations for simplifying the application process to improve conversion rates.
  2. Enabled digital media performance tracking
    1. Established conversion tracking capabilities for Google & LinkedIn media.
  3. Optimized and scaled Google Grant usage
    1. Implemented bidding optimizations and best practices.
  4. Initiated Paid Social Strategy
    1. Evaluated best options for Paid Social support.
    2. Provided channel and tactic forecasts and recommendations.
    3. Launched pilot test of LinkedIn Awareness ads.




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