We help change makers drive measurable performance with our customer-centric enterprise mentality, unparalleled team, and integrated media, measurement, and consulting services.

Enterprise Marketing Return

We are transforming the way organizations measure marketing success.

We measure and optimize marketing investments using a holistic metric called Enterprise Marketing Return (EMR). All of Ovative’s offerings are designed to help clients increase their EMR.

What we do


Omni-Channel Measurement

We build and implement technology platforms and omni-channel measurement solutions with ongoing support to unlock insights across marketing channels and devices.

Measurement Services:

  • Measurement and Data Strategy
  • Test Design, Execution, and Analysis
  • Media Performance Reporting

Proprietary Technology:

  • MAP: Our unified marketing measurement tool, MAP, and advanced measurement services are intentionally designed to help clients maximize enterprise sales and improve customer health through smarter marketing decisions
  • Owned Media Analytics Platform: Our Owned Media Analytics Platform helps clients measure the impact of owned media on enterprise goals
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Strategy & Measurement Consulting

We develop and implement customer, marketing, and measurement strategies to accelerate enterprise growth.

  • Customer: Consumer Research and Insights, Customer Segmentation and Customer Activation Strategy
  • Marketing: Marketing Strategy, Digital Growth Advisory, and Paid Media Advisory
  • Measurement: Measurement Strategy, Solutions Design, and Martech Advisory
  • Retail Media: Product Strategy, Measurement/Reporting, Opportunity Sizing, Program Scaling, Org Refinement, Industry Intelligence
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