We are a nationally recognized, digital-first media and measurement firm. We help clients measure and optimize their marketing investments to incremental profit driven across online and offline sales channels.

Enterprise Marketing Return

We measure and optimize marketing investments using a holistic metric called Enterprise Marketing Return (EMR).


EMR is comprised of four pillars:

Enterprise Revenue: consider marketing’s impact on every sales channel including online, offline, and mobile

Future Customer Value: measure the long-term impact of marketing on customer acquisition, retention, and lifetime value

Incrementality: focus on the truly causal impact of marketing as seen through testing

Profitability: incorporate margin to emphasize the bottom-line impact of investments

Understanding marketing’s impact on each of these pillars is critical to success. Exposing these components of return, while bringing them together into a single, unifying metric allows for powerful optimization decisions.

All of Ovative’s offerings are designed to help clients increase their Enterprise Marketing Return.

What we do


Paid & Owned Media Services

Optimizing digital and traditional media on a complete set of metrics that impacts a client’s business. Our media capabilities include:

  • Integrated, cross-channel strategy, planning and buying
  • Paid digital media strategy and management
  • Owned digital media strategy and management
  • Traditional media strategy and management
  • Creative services
  • Marketplaces strategy and management
  • Reporting
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Omni-Channel Measurement

Building measurement technology products that unlock insights across marketing channels and devices including:

Marketing Analytics Platform (MAP): Our Marketing Analytics Platform and advanced measurement services are intentionally designed to help clients maximize enterprise sales and improve customer health through smarter marketing decisions

Owned Media Analytics Platform: Our Owned Media Analytics Platform helps clients measure the impact of owned media on enterprise goals

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Strategy & Measurement Consulting

Developing and implementing strategies to accelerate enterprise growth through marketing and measurement including:

Customer: Consumer research & insights development, customer segmentation & strategy

Marketing: Customer strategy activation, media activation strategies, site activation strategies

Measurement: Measurement strategy & solution design, prototyping & implementation support, strategic reporting design & activation planning, testing & activation program management & execution

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