We are a nationally recognized, digital-first media and measurement firm. We help change makers drive measurable performance with our customer-centric enterprise mentality, unparalleled team, and integrated media, measurement, and consulting services.

Enterprise Marketing Return

We measure and optimize marketing investments using a holistic metric called Enterprise Marketing Return (EMR).


EMR is comprised of four pillars:

Enterprise Revenue: consider marketing’s impact on every sales channel including online, offline, and mobile

Future Customer Value: measure the long-term impact of marketing on customer acquisition, retention, and lifetime value

Incrementality: focus on the truly causal impact of marketing as seen through testing

Profitability: incorporate margin to emphasize the bottom-line impact of investments

Understanding marketing’s impact on each of these pillars is critical to success. Exposing these components of return, while bringing them together into a single, unifying metric allows for powerful optimization decisions.

All of Ovative’s offerings are designed to help clients increase their Enterprise Marketing Return.

What we do


Paid & Owned Media Services

Optimizing digital and traditional media on a complete set of metrics that impacts a client’s business. Our media capabilities include:

  • Integrated, cross-channel strategy, planning and buying
  • Paid digital media strategy and management
  • Owned digital media strategy and management
  • Traditional media strategy and management
  • Creative services
  • Marketplaces strategy and management
  • Reporting
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Omni-Channel Measurement

Building and implementing technology platforms and omni-channel measurement solutions with ongoing support to unlock insights across marketing channels and devices including:

Measurement Services:

  • Measurement and Data Strategy
  • Test Design, Execution, and Analysis
  • Media Performance Reporting

Proprietary Technology:

  • Marketing Analytics Platform (MAP): Our Marketing Analytics Platform and advanced measurement services are intentionally designed to help clients maximize enterprise sales and improve customer health through smarter marketing decisions
  • Owned Media Analytics Platform: Our Owned Media Analytics Platform helps clients measure the impact of owned media on enterprise goals
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Strategy & Measurement Consulting

Developing and implementing strategies to accelerate enterprise growth through marketing and measurement including:

Customer: Consumer research & insights development, customer segmentation & strategy

Marketing: Customer strategy activation, media activation strategies, site activation strategies

Measurement: Measurement strategy & solution design, prototyping & implementation support, strategic reporting design & activation planning, testing & activation program management & execution

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