Leadership & Development

At Ovative, our talent is our biggest differentiator

We invest in people so they can develop and grow their potential and deliver industry-leading work that drives change. 

Our custom development program offers a mix of formal and on-the-job learning opportunities to develop key skills and drive impactful results for our clients. 

External Leadership Perspectives Series

As part of our ELEVATE program, we facilitate conversations between leaders at Ovative and across industries to foster ideas and grow our perspective. 

See what today’s leaders have to say about their own development and professional growth:

“I consistently prioritize attending sessions from our Perspectives Series. All of the speakers have been so insightful and I leave the sessions feeling energized. Especially in a time where we’re all going through a big change in our lives with COVID-19 it’s comforting to know how other leaders and companies are working through it. My favorite segment is when Dale asks the guest speaker to share their background and what their life was like growing up. Many times with guest speakers you only get to hear their accomplishments, but it’s so motivating to hear where they began and it makes me feel energized of what I can accomplish too.”

Stefani Weimholt

Manager, Data Visualization

“The Discovery Insights profile has helped in development and growth by equipping me with a better understanding of self. Developing this understanding of my own strengths and weakness has allowed me to identify effective ways of working that have contributed to the creation of an environment that is both supportive and challenging. For me, this growth focused environment has served as the catalyst for the personal, intrapersonal and professional growth that I have experienced in the last year.”

Isaiah Essenburg

Analyst, SEO