Meet MAP

MAP is a unified marketing measurement tool that measures the incremental impact of  marketing on enterprise performance.

Ovative’s unified marketing measurement tool, MAP, was built to help our clients optimize to a holistic metric we call Enterprise Marketing Return.

MAP provides the most comprehensive view of your marketing program, unlocking incremental revenue and customer potential​​.


5-15% increase

in incremental revenue driven by marketing


MAP combines customer data and advanced modeling to understand marketing’s impact across media and sales channels:

  • Unified model: MAP was built as a unified MMM + MTA solution to offset individual tool limitations
  • Enterprise level focus: MAP gives a holistic view of both digital and traditional marketing’s impact on each sales channel (Ecom, Store, Wholesale, etc.)
  • Customer-centric, incremental lens: Outputs reflect customer attributes, paths, future customer value, LTV, and incrementality to inform incremental, customer-first optimizations
  • Human-led decisioning: We find many clients face analysis paralysis with their MarTech stack. MAP is complemented by Ovative’s support services so brands can take action.


We help leaders measure and optimize their marketing spend.

How It Works

Unified AI-Driven Model

MAP unifies Media Mix Modeling (MMM) and Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) analytics capabilities to determine the value of each marketing touchpoint along a consumer’s path to purchase. This includes separating the base business and market influence from incremental marketing impact. In-market testing results are now rapidly integrated into the model for increased actionability.

Integrated Media Services

We couple MAP technology with hands-on media activation service support, ensuring that users are able to leverage insights to make actionable marketing decisions. Service support focuses on budget planning and forecasting, customer strategies, and media analytics and testing

Performance Reporting Suite

MAP insights are available via an on-demand, web-based reporting portal. Reporting and in-depth analytics (including our MMM models) are refreshed weekly, allowing clients to act on insightful marketing performance data on a weekly basis.


MAP unlocks new insights that empower marketing leaders to answer questions such as:

  • What total marketing budget is needed to meet and surpass enterprise (offline and online) sales goals?
  • How are individual channels influencing in-store and online sales?
  • Based on channel performance, how should the marketing budget be mixed across offline and digital marketing channels?
  • Which channels are most efficient at acquiring new customers? At retaining? At reactivating?
  • How do channels work together and how can I plan customer-centric cross-channel campaigns to maximize performance?
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MAP Performance Reporting

MAP’s data environment powers a robust, web-based reporting platform enabling on-demand visibility and turning enterprise metrics into action.

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