Meet MAP

Marketing Analytics Platform (MAP) built to help our clients optimize to a holistic metric we call Enterprise Marketing Return.

MAP is aanalytics platform that measures the incremental impact of your marketing investments. It was purpose-built to measure the most comprehensive view of your marketing programenabling smarter actions that impact performance of the enterprise at large.

How It Works

1. Comprehensive Data Collection & Identity Resolution 

MAP resolves identities by onboarding client’s CRM data and building out customer-level pathing (inclusive of online and offline touchpoints along the path) to understand the various customer level/segment performance of online and offline channels together. 

2. MMM, MTA, and In-Market Testing  

MAP unifies Media Mix Modeling (MMM) and Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) capabilities, allowing us to: 

  • Separate the base business and market influence from incremental marketing impact 
  • Assign business value to each marketing touchpoint across a consumer’s path-to-purchase
  • Report on customer-centric metrics, such as the future value of customer purchases 
  • Incorporate expert opinion and results from in-market tests and optimizations to train the model to algorithmically get smarter
  • Together, these capabilities enable our clients’ media teams to make smarter budgeting and tactical optimization decisions, drive profitable revenue growth, and increase customer acquisition.

3. Actionable Web-Based Reporting

MAP’s data environment powers an on-demand, web-based reporting portal. Reporting and in-depth analytics (including our MMM models) are refreshed weekly, allowing clients to action on insightful marketing performance data on a weekly (and sometimes even daily) basis.

MAP Performance Reporting

MAP Services 

We couple our MAP product with hands-on media activation service support, ensuring that our solution drives actionable marketing decisions with measurable impact to your bottom line. 

1. Budget planning & forecasting

Remixing and reallocating media budget based to maximize Enterprise Marketing Return (EMR) 

2. Customer strategies

Targeting specific customer segments with media strategies to increase new customer acquisition and maximize the lifetime value of existing customers

3. Media analytics & testing

Identifying opportunities across and within audiences, channels, devices and categories to scale your media program while maintaining profitability 

MAP Client Snapshot

We help leaders measure and optimize their marketing spend.

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