Our measurement technology products unlock new insights about marketing’s impact on Enterprise Marketing Return.

How We’re Different

The omni-channel measurement team fills gaps other agencies and technology companies struggle to address – applying customer data and advanced marketing measurement in ways that are actually useful to marketers. Many organizations struggle to fully leverage measurement capabilities to drive their business and establish a more holistic view of their marketing impact, creating the opportunity for Ovative to help.

  • Our analytics product (MAP) was built to help our clients optimize to a holistic metric that we call Enterprise Marketing Return which maximizes enterprise sales, profit and future value from customers and quantifies the incremental impact of investments.
  • Our philosophy and modeling approach puts your customer at the center of both measurement and reporting, delivering unique insights about a customer’s path-to-purchase and the marketing touchpoints that impact that journey.
  • We don’t stop at technology. We deliver hands-on marketing activation service support to ensure that your teams are actioning- off of measurement insights. The unique combination of technology plus+ services means we staff each of our measurement accounts with marketing strategists and digital operator experts who help client’s drive transformative change and business impact across their organization.
  • Ovative’s team is comprised largely of former client-side operators who understand the unique complexities of your industry and know how to put marketing and measurement best practices into action to move the needle for your business.

How We help

Marketing Analytics Platform

A holistic and actionable analytics platform that measures the incremental impact of your marketing investments.

Ovative’s Marketing Analytics Platform (MAP) was purpose-built to measure the most comprehensive view of your marketing program, enabling smarter actions that impact performance of the enterprise at large. MAP unifies Media Mix Modeling (MMM) and Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) capabilities to measure the incremental revenue (including online and offline) that your digital and traditional marketing efforts are driving.

How It Works

  • Comprehensive Data Collection & Identity Resolution
  • MMM, MTA, and in-market testing to triangulate on media performance
  • Actionable web-based reporting updated weekly

Powerful Questions MAP Answers

MAP unlocks visibility into new metrics that empowers marketing leaders to answer new questions such as:

  • What total marketing budget is needed to meet and surpass enterprise (offline and online) sales goals?
  • How are individual channels influencing in-store and online sales? Based on channel performance, how should the marketing budget be mixed across offline and digital marketing channels?
  • Which channels are most efficient at acquiring new customers? At retaining? At reactivating?
  • How do channels work in concert with one another, and how can I plan customer-centric cross-channel campaigns to maximize performance?

Differentiated Service Support

Too often we see companies invest in expensive marketing measurement tools but fail to action at scale against tool outputs. For that reason, we couple our MAP product with hands-on media activation service support, ensuring that our solution drives actionable marketing decisions with measurable impact to your bottom line.

Services include:
  • Budget planning & forecasting: Remixing and reallocating media budget based to maximize Enterprise Marketing Return (EMR).
  • Customer strategies: Targeting specific customer segments with media strategies to increase new customer acquisition and maximize the lifetime value of existing customers.
  • Media analytics & testing: Identifying opportunities across and within audiences, channels, devices and categories to scale your media program while maintaining profitability.



Owned Media Analytics Platform

Measure and optimize your site and owned media to their full impact on ecommerce, store, and the customer.

Ovative’s Owned Media Analytics Platform extends the power of our Marketing Analytics Platform to owned media, providing visibility to page-level performance, onsite customer behavior, category trends, and more. Insights support clients in test design and measurement, landing page optimization, and SEO. By connecting the site experience to all sales channels and customer attributes, the Owned Media Analytics Platform ensures websites are driving the maximum impact on customer behavior.

How it works

  • Leverage omni-channel pixel to connect online and offline consumer identities to understand what impact your site has on driving all-channel sales​ (ecomm, store and app)
  • Track customer behavior across pages to understand purchase paths, conversion and bounce rates, category performance, and other opportunities for page optimization
  • Identify landing page trends to support SEO with a view to all-channel sales

Powerful Questions Owned Media
Analytics Answers

  • Which site pages, categories, and actions are most influential in driving enterprise sales?
  • What optimization plan will increase engagement with key pages?
  • How does site and other owned media I measure enterprise impact of the site change over time?
  • Which products and categories over/under-index to in-store purchases​ or new customer acquisition?
  • What site merchandising and promotional strategies will yield the highest enterprise value​?

Differentiated Service Support

We couple our Owned Media Analytics Platform with hands-on site optimization and SEO service support, ensuring that our solution drives actionable decisions with measurable impact to your bottom line.

Services include:
  • Site Analytics & Testing: Identify site performance trends, develop optimization plans, and execute testing approaches which ensure maximum impact of your site design
  • Search Engine Optimization: Ensure your site is designed to capture maximum possible share in natural search through landing page optimization and broad technical support

Coming Soon

A testing platform to validate measurement
insights and EMR-based optimizations

Reach out if you’re interested in exploring this new frontier together.

Not “One Size Fits All”

We get it. In some cases, out-of-the-box marketing measurement solutions don’t address your specific needs. For that reason, Ovative also offers services to help you design a custom-fit solution that will. Our measurement solution designs are rooted in your business needs and prioritize maximizing value from your existing datasets and technology investments.

Learn more about measurement solutions consulting:

Measurement Insights

Our measurement team members are thought leaders in advanced measurement technology, approaches, and innovations. They frequently share insights, anonymized analyses and perspectives about the future of marketing, media and measurement.

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