Our measurement team designs, builds, and implements technology and measurement solutions to unlock new insights about marketing’s impact on Enterprise Marketing Return.

How We Are Different

The omni-channel measurement team fills gaps other agencies and technology companies struggle to address – applying customer data and advanced marketing measurement to establish a more holistic view of marketing impact and drive business outcomes.

  • Expertise: We are a team of technology and advanced measurement experts who know how to put marketing and measurement best practices into action to move the needle for your business.
  • Enterprise Impact: We build and implement measurement solutions to help our clients optimize to a holistic metric we call Enterprise Marketing Return (EMR), which maximizes enterprise sales, profit, and future value from customers and quantifies the incremental impact of investments.
  • Customer-Centric: Our philosophy and modeling approach puts your customer at the center of both measurement and reporting, delivering unique insights about a customer’s path-to-purchase and the marketing touchpoints that impact that journey.
  • Service-Orientation: We don’t stop at technology. We deliver hands-on marketing activation strategy and service support to ensure that your teams are actioning off of measurement insights, driving transformative change and business impact across their organization.

How We help

Measurement Services

Our team of advanced measurement experts and decision scientists partners with our clients and integrated media and consulting teams to inform advanced measurement strategies, support test roadmaps, and power media performance reporting.

Measurement and Data Strategy

We work tirelessly every single day to drive greater performance from media budgets based on metrics that matter for our clients and the technology that enables those decisions. We work with clients to understand what should be optimized along the funnel and across channels, what data is required and available, and what MarTech solutions enable these activations.

Questions We Answer:

  • What metrics should I be optimizing to as a business across channels and along the customer journey?
  • What data do I need, what is available, and how can I augment the rest to understand marketing’s holistic impact on enterprise?
  • What measurement capabilities and MarTech investments do I need?
  • How can we as an organization evolve to optimizing to Enterprise Marketing Return (EMR)?

Test Design, Execution, and Analysis

Testing is a key aspect of our ongoing relationship with every client. As a bold and innovative partner, we explore opportunities to scale our clients’ programs within and across channels, seeking to increase the sophistication of digital media programs and measurement. We maintain testing roadmaps and learning agendas and align with clients on the role of testing and tests in queue.

Questions We Answer:

  • What tests should I focus on in the next 12 months to move the needle?
  • How can I leverage geo-based incrementality testing to understand the causal impact of new or existing media tactics?
  • What is the full impact of my digital investment across all sales channels?
  • Where should I put my next dollar to drive customer acquisition and program growth?

Media Performance Reporting

Ovative provides media performance reporting with unmatched insights and transparency for all media clients. Our online dashboards are accessible in real-time, refreshed daily, segmented by configurable levels of granularity, and supported by a data backend that allows for more robust cross-channel analytics and merging of multiple data sources for a single view. Ovative has a team of specialists that partner with our clients to gather requirements and bring to life best-in-class reporting.

Questions We Answer:

  • Where are there opportunities to optimize budgets and the media mix across channels, brands, and/or categories?
  • How did my channel perform yesterday relative to others? Which categories and geos drove that performance?
  • How do I use this reporting to inform strategies, prioritization, and optimizations?

Advanced Technology

Ovative offers proprietary AI-driven technology to measure the incremental impact of marketing investments on total company performance.

Unified Marketing Measurement

Ovative’s unified marketing measurement tool, MAP, was purpose-built to measure the most comprehensive view of your marketing program, enabling smarter actions that drive incremental enterprise revenue and customer growth. MAP unifies Media Mix Modeling (MMM) and Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) capabilities to measure the incremental revenue (including online and offline) that digital and traditional marketing efforts are driving.

Questions We Answer:

MAP unlocks visibility into new metrics that empowers marketing leaders to answer new questions such as:

  • What total marketing budget is needed to meet and surpass enterprise (offline and online) sales goals?
  • How are individual channels influencing in-store and online sales? Based on channel performance, how should the marketing budget be mixed across offline and digital marketing channels?
  • Which channels are most efficient at acquiring new customers? At retaining? At reactivating?
  • How do channels work in concert with one another, and how can I plan customer-centric cross-channel campaigns to maximize performance?

Not “One Size Fits All”

We get it. In some cases, out-of-the-box marketing measurement solutions don’t address your specific needs. For that reason, Ovative also offers services to help you design a custom-fit solution that will. Our measurement solution designs are rooted in your business needs and prioritize maximizing value from your existing datasets and technology investments.

Learn more about measurement solutions consulting:

Measurement Insights

Our measurement team members are thought leaders in advanced measurement technology, approaches, and innovations. They frequently share insights, anonymized analyses and perspectives about the future of marketing, media and measurement.

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