Enterprise Marketing Return

We measure and optimize marketing investments using a holistic metric called Enterprise Marketing Return (EMR).

Enterprise Marketing Return is a single unifying metric that aligns business leaders to the metrics that impact their business most.

EMR icomprised of four pillars:

  1. Enterprise Revenue: consider marketing’s impact on every sales channel including online, offline, and mobile 
  2. Future Customer Value: measure the long-term impact of marketing on customer acquisition, retention, and lifetime value 
  3. Incrementality: focus on the truly causal impact of marketing as seen through testing
  4. Profitability: incorporate margin to emphasize the bottom-line impact of investments 
Understanding marketing’s impact on each of these pillars is critical to success. Exposing these components of return, while bringing them together into a single, unifying metric allows for powerful optimization decisions.

How is EMR Different?

EMR looks beyond traditional metrics like Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and last-click attribution to understand the true value of marketing investments.

When moving from ROAS to EMR, clients remix between 25-40% of their marketing spend resulting in meaningful increases in performance. Within the first 12 months of measuring and optimizing to EMR, our clients experience a 25% increase in return on their marketing spend.

At Ovative, we believe maximizing return is about more than a marketing metric. EMR offers a strategic framework to think beyond individual channel performance and apply a customer and enterprise lens across the organization: 

  1. People: Organize and incentivize team members on driving value across the entire organization, rather than on individual channel or business unit 
  2. Process: Structure the organization around consumer needs, enabling cross-channel collaboration and decision-making to serve the customer across their path to purchase instead of operating within silos 
  3. Data: Develop a unified view of data including CRM, POS, website, email, paid and owned digital and traditional advertising to power insights and decisions
  4. Technology: Build the marketing tech stack to enable the desired people, process, and data, instead of the other way around 

Who Uses EMR? 

Ovative helps all of our clients increase their Enterprise Marketing Return. We partner with each client to define an EMR roadmap specific to their business and priorities. We support them over the long-term to manage the internal change required to evolve their measure of marketing success. 

Enterprise Marketing Return Insights

Proprietary insights, analyses, and perspectives for marketing and measurement leaders.

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