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Coach: Courage to Be Real

Coach sought to gain brand awareness with Gen Z audiences through strategic full-funnel media placements, breaking through the advertising clutter on Gen Z’s favorite platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Meta.


Coach sought to reach Gen Z audiences and build brand equity through a message of confidence and self-expression.

The brand partnered with Lil Nas X to inspire audiences to have the Courage to Be Real. Coach partnered with experts at Ovative to break through the advertising clutter, reaching Gen Z audiences in their natural environments and on their most loved platforms. 


  • Recognized by Ad Age’s The Harris Poll for brands getting Gen Z attention1
  • Exceeded performance goals +46% impressions, +65% video views, +10% engagements, and +369% clicks (compared to goal)
  • Achieved profitable Enterprise Marketing Return (EMR) accounting for $1.7M in future revenue for Coach in the following 12 months
Source 1: Ad Age 2022, 20 brands getting Gen Z attention right now 


  1. Executed deep consumer research to understand the preferences and shopping habits of the Gen Z audience to select the right tactics to break through. Based on this research, Ovative created a full-funnel media strategy to:
    1. Reach digital natives through targeted high-impact video tactics.
    2. Align with Gen Z’s interests through hyper-focused targeting.
    3. Maximize an 8-second window of attention by grabbing attention on the most-loved platforms: TikTok, YouTube, Meta, Snapchat, Vogue, and Highsnobiety.
  1. Developed advanced measurement approach to understand the value of investing in upper funnel tactics. Using MAP, Ovative’s unified marketing measurement tool, Coach was able to start understanding the Enterprise Marketing Return (EMR) of upper funnel media investments on enterprise sales (offline and online), lifetime customer value, incrementality, and profitability.
  2. Optimized campaign to maximize performance. With strong measurement in place to understand consumer perception and campaign performance, Ovative adjusted creative, messaging, and ad tactics mid-flight to maximize performance.

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