A/B Site Testing – Cross-Sell Optimization

Top National Casual Restaurant Chain

Increased revenue and combatted AOV declines through testing and recommending optimal product detail page layout


A top national casual restaurant chain was looking for ways to repeat last year’s ecommerce success that stemmed from changing consumer behavior during the early days of the pandemic. As their restaurants began reopening to dine-in customers and consumer preferences again shifted back to dining out, the to-go family sized meals which drove revenue growth last year were no longer performing as well, causing a decline in average order values. Ovative identified an opportunity to increase revenue and combat declines through cross-sell optimization.


Rollout of the product detail page design change that we tested is expected to deliver $1.1M in annualized revenue impact.


1. Identified an opportunity to increase revenue and combat AOV declines through encouraging additional side and drink orders.

2. Proposed an A/B test that would display these items more prominently on product detail pages to increase visibility and engagement.

3. Executed a 4-way split test to determine the most optimal PDP layout that maximized both revenue and average order value.

4. After completing the test, we recommended that the client prioritize development resources against the most successful test variant.

5. The client slotted this design change in an upcoming release cycle to begin capturing the revenue benefit as quickly as possible.

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