Unified Measurement

Home Flooring Retailer

Maximizing Enterprise Marketing Return by delivering a comprehensive view of media leveraging Ovative’s Marketing Analytics Platform (MAP), which integrates MMM, MTA, incrementality, and customer future value across digital and traditional channels.


A $1B+ home flooring retailer was looking for an advanced analytics tool to better understand marketing’s modeled impact on total business results in order to scale budgets and unlock new testing opportunities.


  • Shifted unprofitable TV, Direct Mail, and Radio investments into strongest performing digital and TV segments
  • Improved Enterprise Marketing Return on TV investment by +4x by focusing on more efficient and contextually relevant segments


1. Ingested and joined client data for a full view of the business. This includes CRM customer-level data, media spend and impression-level data, onsite interactions, and offsite interactions.

2. Built and integrated our proprietary unified model, who’s outputs are most valuable when all parts are used in concert with one another. This model combines our Media Mix Model, Multi-Touch Attribution model, future predicted value by customer segments, and incrementality measures across digital and traditional channels. The unified outputs help elevate intra-channel optimizations, cross-channel budget fluidity opportunities, and in-marketing testing insights.

3. Developed and tailored ongoing reporting dashboards. Provided training to empower the client team to use the dashboard independently.

4. Sharing insights, media mix recommendations, and testing opportunities for customer-centric, profitable scaling. Connecting weekly on performance, activations, and tests in motion including digital customer journey analyses, incrementality tests, connected TV lift, etc.

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