Customer Strategy & Activation

Financial Services

Leveraged data and insights to develop an Advisor-centric marketing strategy for a client’s Mutual Fund Intermediary sales channel.


Strategy Consulting


The client wanted to develop a data-driven and customer-centric strategy to improve its marketing efforts for its Intermediary Advisor sales channel


  • Leveraged and connected multiple data sources to create a consolidated view of Advisors
  • Created a segmentation of Advisors based on the Advisor Firm and practice characteristics
  • Developed a full-funnel marketing strategy based on the Advisor segmentation
  • Created a unique Advisor Firm metric to support measurement of the strategy over time


1. Ingested datasets from multiple sources to create a consolidated view of active and prospective Advisors. This allowed for a detailed understanding of the client’s current Advisors as well as the opportunity within high potential Firms of Advisors.

2. Created detailed snapshots of high potential Firms of Advisors. These further dimensionalized preferred products, purchase behavior, and positioning to their customers.

3. Segmented Advisors based on practice type. Leveraged client insights and Advisor understanding to segment Advisors based on most defining and actionable dimension.

4. Developed detailed marketing strategies by high-priority firm and Advisor practice type. This outlined marketing objectives, positioning, messaging, tactic, and KPI by segment.

5. Created a custom metric that allowed the client to understand the effectiveness of the strategy by high-priority firm. Worked closely with the client’s analytics team to allow for the sustainable use of the metric.

6. Collaborated closely with the client’s media agency to bring the marketing strategy to life. Supporting through creative, campaign design, and measurement.

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