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Elevating Our Partnership with Facebook

We are proud of the partnership we have built with Facebook and honored to be recognized as a verified Premium Tier Facebook Marketing Partner. This designation provides us with immediate access to new tools, resources and education – all with the goal of driving enterprise revenue for our clients.

“We have seen so much success for our clients in paid social, Facebook in particular. It’s great to be recognized by Facebook as a premium agency partner. It’s going to bring so many new opportunities to our clients so we can experience even more success and growth together.” ~ Andrew Pierce, Director, Paid Social

One of the main reasons for our success on Facebook is because every team member on Ovative’s paid social team is required to get their Blueprint Certification. This certification is the highest level of accreditation that Facebook awards in digital marketing, and it recognizes advanced-level proficiency with Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. There are many benefits to the certification, one of which is the impact it has made on our client’s business. For General Mills, we leveraged knowledge gained through the Blueprint Certification to drive a 166% increase in total conversions and an 8% increase in CPA efficiencies. 

Improving campaign outcomes (such as increased conversion volume or more efficient cost-per-conversions) can be done in many ways on Facebook. One way that we have done it is by building creative better suited for the various placements and formats throughout Facebook and Instagram. These efforts were led by our newly formed Creative Lab, a team of creative strategists, designers and animators sharply focused on understanding how the intricacies of ad delivery on the Facebook platform can be used in our client’s favor to drive improved performance. Ovative’s Creative Lab has been partnering closely with Facebook’s Creative Shop to make the most of these opportunities.

Our Creative Lab executions beat in-market social creative 85% of the time. More specifically, we generate a 15% higher ROI, 35% lower CPA’s and a 15% decrease in media costs. 

Ovative is a digital-first media and measurement firm seeking to transform the measure of marketing success. At Ovative, we help brands move the needle. We are curious. We value your brand. We want to see you succeed. Connect with us to learn more!

Dan Sheehan

Senior Director, Creative Services

About the Author

Dan Sheehan is the Senior Director of the Creative Lab at Ovative. He leads creative strategy and delivery across the organization, responsible for creative services, partnerships and production for Digital and Paid Social and Site Optimization engagements. He leads a growing team of producers, designers, animator, editors, writers and creative strategists driving creative excellence with performance creative. Prior to... Read More >>

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