Talent is our greatest differentiator. We are genuine, engaged, driven, and accountable. Working with us will be the best part of your day.

We are committed to fostering a culture inclusive of all dimensions of difference, making an impact within and beyond our walls.

Our Story

After years of operating a large omni-channel retail business, I knew there was an opportunity to create a marketing firm that helped clients become more customer-centric and enterprise focused. A gap existed between business consultancies and advertising agencies that modern marketing approaches demand. In 2009, I formed Ovative Group to bring media, measurement, and consulting together under one roof to enable an enterprise approach that drives more profitable revenue and grows our clients’ customer files. Together, we’ve created a new approach to measure and optimize marketing investment, called Enterprise Marketing Return.

Every day, I am motivated by our mission to Fearlessly Unlock Potential. It’s an awesome goal. Our team’s fearlessness shows up every day with our clients, as most of what we do hasn’t been done at an operational scale before. We uncover insights in our client’s customer data to drive business impact and build a competitive edge. More than anything, I am energized by the opportunity to foster a trusting environment where smart people perform at high levels, enjoy and respect one another, and support each other to stretch to their potential. We are just beginning.

Our Values

  • Genuine

    We are empathetic, transparent, and diverse.
  • Engaged

    We are present, supportive, and solution minded.
  • Driven

    We are passionate, committed, and always learning.
  • Accountable

    We are intentional, responsible, and results oriented.

DEI Commitment

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

At Ovative, we vow to be champions of change. Fostering a culture inclusive of all dimensions of difference, within and beyond our walls, to attract, inspire and retain a diverse workforce.

We are committed to listening.
We are committed to understanding.
We are committed to just starting.

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Leadership Team

Our leadership team is proud to support a team of more than 500 individuals in Minneapolis, New York, Chicago, and across the country.

Dale Nitschke

CEO & Founder

Dale Nitschke's Linked In

Annie Zipfel

Executive Vice President, Media

Annie Zipfel's Linked In

Bonnie Gross

Executive Vice President, Talent Services

Bonnie Gross's Linked In

Steve Baxter

Executive Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

Steve Baxter's Linked In

Steve Benson

Chief Financial Officer

Steve Benson's Linked In

Beth McKigney

Senior Vice President, Measurement

Beth McKigney's Linked In

Dianne Anderson

Senior Vice President, Media

Dianne Anderson's Linked In

Jesse Grittner

Senior Vice President, Growth

Jesse Grittner's Linked In

Jo Hamburge

Senior Vice President, Consulting

Jo Hamburge's Linked In

Eric Gohs

Vice President, Consulting

Eric Gohs's Linked In

Ericka Strickland

Vice President, Holistic Search

Ericka Strickland's Linked In

Erin Aberg

Vice President, Talent Services

Erin Aberg's Linked In

Jasmin Stevens

Vice President, Marketing

Jasmin Stevens's Linked In

Jay Eyunni

Vice President, Client Services

Jay Eyunni's Linked In

Jen Alcott

Vice President, Client Services

Jen Alcott's Linked In

Shannon Kast

Vice President, Client Services

Shannon Kast's Linked In

Troy Neidermire

Vice President, Measurement and Enabling Solutions

Troy Neidermire's Linked In

Alex Arnason

Senior Director, Paid Media

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Alex Looker

Senior Director, Data Engineering & Solution Architecture

Alex Looker's Linked In

Andrew Pierce

Senior Director, Paid Media

Andrew Pierce's Linked In

Brent Decker

Senior Director, Client Services

Brent Decker's Linked In

Carrie Judisch

Senior Director, Product and Project Management

Carrie Judisch's Linked In

Charlotte Ryan

Senior Director, Client Services

Charlotte Ryan's Linked In

Chris Thueringer

Senior Director, Paid Media

Chris Thueringer's Linked In

Derek Nelson

Senior Director, Measurement & RMN Consulting

Derek Nelson's Linked In

Emily Kopp

Senior Director, Business Development

Emily Kopp's Linked In

Grant Griebenow

Senior Director, Strategy Consulting

Grant Griebenow's Linked In

Kate Bante

Senior Director, Strategy Consulting

Kate Bante's Linked In

Megan Wintersteen

Senior Director, Consulting

Megan Wintersteen's Linked In

Patrick Johnston

Senior Director, Digital Experience Optimization

Patrick Johnston's Linked In

Scott Dodge

Senior Director, SEO

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Scott Dyer

Senior Director, Technology Operations

Scott Dyer's Linked In

Sean Irwin

Senior Director, Retail Media

Sean Irwin's Linked In

Sherri Johnson

Senior Director, Client Services

Sherri Johnson's Linked In

Zak Haines

Senior Director, Paid Media

Zak Haines's Linked In

Albert Jordan

Director, Talent Services

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Alex Meyers

Director, Measurement

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Andrea Larson

Director, Champions of Change

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Andrew Bullock

Director, Paid Search

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Andy Hartos

Director, Digital Experience Optimization

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Ben Culbert

Director, Solution Architecture

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Bethany Hawthorne

Director, Client Services

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Cara Westhouse

Director, Activate Operations

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Casey Radmann

Director, Talent Services

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Chuck Anderson-Weir

Director, Measurement

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Colin Nitschke

Director, Financial Planning and Analysis

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Cory Pearson

Director, Paid Media

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Emily Voigtlander

Director, Client Services

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Eva Thompson

Director, Video and Programmatic Media

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Frances Miller

Director, Client Services

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Heather Gray

Director, Client Services

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Jenna Irwin

Director, Measurement Solutions

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Joanna Kauppila

Director, Paid Media

Joanna Kauppila's Linked In

Joe Bologna

Director, Paid Media

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Jon Schoessow

Director, Accounting

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Kaitlin Kaiser

Director, SEO

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Karen Spitzfaden

Director, Consulting

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Kate Rassler

Director, Client Services

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Kathryn Connelly

Director, Paid Search

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Katy Lucey

Director, Paid Media

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Kelsey Pahl

Director, Consulting

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Kyle Schwietz

Director, Paid Search

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Mitchell McLain

Director, Paid Search

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Nicole Anderson

Director, Product Engineering

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Patrick Shumaker

Director, Consulting

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Quinn Gorski

Director, Business Development

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Sarah Sherman

Director, Business Development

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Tommy McQuillan

Director, Video and Programmatic Media

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Tyler LaDouceur

Director, Client Services

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Careers at Ovative

We are a team of genuine, engaged, driven, and accountable experts. Culture is everything to us, and every single person on our team contributes to building the culture we want every day. If you’re the kind of person who likes to get your hands dirty, drive results, and surround yourself with top talent, then Ovative will be the most rewarding job you will ever have.

If you think you can make us better, we want to hear from you.

Leadership and Development at Ovative

We develop people to be leaders at all levels so they can deliver industry-leading work that drives change. ELEVATE, our best-in-class leadership and development, offers a mix of formal and on-the-job learning opportunities to develop key skills and drive impactful results for our clients.

Want to know more about ELEVATE?