We diagnose and solve business problems and digital challenges to accelerate enterprise growth.

How We Are Different

Ovative Consulting addresses a spectrum of business problems and digital challenges, ranging from C-level strategic challenges to data-driven customer-oriented media activation approaches to highly technical measurement and data strategies and solutions.

Ovative Consulting is differentiated in three ways:

We drive growth through customer-centered approaches.

We are a team of seasoned strategy consultants, research and insights experts, media and measurement operators with experience working at large companies and consulting firms. We are also embedded in a world-class digital media and measurement agency and draw upon that expertise in our engagements.

Operator Mindset
We go further than most consulting firmstranslating our recommendations into operational action plans that our own teams would use. We build out implementation plans and activation strategies, facilitate transitions to ongoing media and measurement engagements, and provide ongoing advisory support.

How we help

The nature of our work is flexible to meet client needs, but often includes projects like:

Customer Strategy and Activation

Consumer Research and Insights

Data-driven research and insights that allow for informed strategic decisions grounded in consumer and customer behavior, including insights development, competitive intelligence, industry perspectives, and primary research.

Questions we answer:

  • How do consumers research and shop for my products?
  • What matters to consumers and customers? In marketing, messaging, media?
  • How is the competitive landscape and overall market changing, and how will my customers change?

Customer Strategy Activation

Strategies to turn theory into practice, supporting activation in traditional and digital channels in a full-funnel, customer-centric way, including audience strategies, investment approaches, channel strategies, and contact strategies.

Questions we answer:

  • How can I activate against previous segmentation and persona work?
  • How can I translate my customer strategy into the right digital marketing media programs and experiences? 
  • What insights from my customer research can my media teams use in their activations today? How will I know it is working? 
  • What is the right balance between a test-in approach and wholesale change? 

Customer Segmentation and Analytics

Strategies to segment, define, understand, and effectively engage high-value customers along the purchase journey, including segmentations, data-driven personas and segment profiles, and consumer journeys.

Questions we answer:

  • How should I segment my customer base to maximize marketing efficiency and revenue growth?
  • How can I better understand who are my most valuable customers? How can I find more of them?

Marketing and Media Strategy

Digital Marketing Assessment and Acceleration

Holistic evaluation of digital marketing capabilities, typically against market maturity curve. This includes assessing overarching digital strategy, customer strategy, digital media, site experience and landing pages, tracking, measurement, and evaluation of success. Often done in partnership with relevant teams.

Questions we answer:

  • How do I maximize my digital investments towards enterprise return (I.e. EMR)? With paid media?
  • How do my disparate digital areas fit together? How does my paid media support my digital assets?
  • How do my digital investments support my customer strategies? With paid media? With site experience?
  • Are we doing this right? How do I stack up against competitors? What do I need to do to bring media in-house?

Paid Media Assessment, Strategy, and Activation

Evaluation of paid media programs, that may include:

  • Execution of channel audits
  • Media mix recommendations
  • A decision to bring in-house or organizational change
  • Alignment of strategies with customer and/or targeting strategies

Site Experience Assessment, Strategy, and Monetization

Evaluation of paid media programs, that may include:

  • Alignment with consumer journeys and needs (e.g., engagement, education)
  • Comparison with industry best practices
  • Mapping role of site, typical use cases and user flows, traffic analysis, actions, and conversions
  • SEO considerations
  • Development of monetization strategy

Retail Media Network Strategic Advisory

Retailer+ Advisory

Strategic advisory for owners of 1st party data and media inventory, focused on product, opportunity sizing, program scaling, organization design / process, measurement / reporting, and industry intelligence. 

Questions we answer:

  • How much revenue and margin can my retail media network generate?
  • Can my RMN scale? What is blocking growth? What are my biggest growth opportunities?
  • Where should I invest to attract advertiser dollars?

Enabling Partner Advisory

Strategic advisory and operational partnerships for facilitators of retail media business. We offer strategic advisory services for industry intelligence, market fit analysis, and RFI / RFP preparation; we offer operational partnerships for program management, measurement, and activation.

Questions we answer:

  • How do retail media networks work? 
  • Who are the key stakeholders within a retail media network? What do they care about? What technology do they use?

Brand Advisory

Strategic advisory and buying program management for brands purchasing first party data and inventory. We offer strategic advisory services for data partnerships, customer insights and measurement; we offer buying program management for end-to-end management, cross-channel optimization, and reporting.

Questions we answer:

  • How can I measure the success of retail media network investment?
  • What are the best retail media networks for me to consider to reach my target customers?
  • Can you manage my retail media program for me (network selection, campaign execution, etc.)?

Featured Retail Media Network Insight

Driven by the surge in e-commerce spending over the last several years, brands’ desires to target consumers close to the point of purchase has opened up a large opportunity for retail media advertising.

Measurement Strategy and Activation

Measurement Assessment and Strategy

Project-based support to assess the current state of marketing measurement (data, tools, people, processes) against industry and organizational needs to determine gaps and opportunities. This includes development of measurement strategy, advisement on measurement foundation requirements, and creation of roadmaps that will unlock holistic and customer-centric measures of marketing impact (like Enterprise Marketing Return).

Questions we answer:

  • How do I effectively measure my marketing strategies?
  • How do my current capabilities stack up against top business needs and industry trends?
  • How should I prioritize building or implementing a measurement solution that solves for what is critical now while allowing for evolution in the long term?

Testing Strategy and Execution

Advisory on framework and roadmap for setup and scale of a robust testing program within an organization. This includes test prioritization, project management through setup analytics, execution support, results analytics, and socialization support.

Questions we answer:

  • What types of testing and analytics should be used to confidently prove lift?
  • How do I build and adopt a scalable testing program for my marketing organization?

KPI Frameworks

Development of marketing funnels based on unique customer journeys that align to corresponding KPIs to support measurement and reporting across teams.

Questions we answer:

  • What metrics should I be measuring to most effectively quantify the value of my marketing efforts?
  • What upper-funnel metrics are most indicative of future lower-funnel conversion and how does this impact my media optimization strategy?
  • How do I help my organization adopt new metrics?

Reporting Strategy and Wireframing

Project-based support to assess marketing reporting against priority business cases and develop broader reporting strategies, requirements, and roadmaps to enhance reporting portfolio. This includes the development of reporting wireframes that reflect client business strategy and best-in-class visualization to accelerate observations and insights.

Questions we answer:

  • How does my current reporting suite stack up against top business needs?
  • What does best-in-class reporting look like for my organization to accelerate insights and marketing activation?

MarTech, AdTech, and Data Solutions

Marketing Data and Technology Assessment

Project-based support to assess the current state of MarTech and data capabilities against both industry and organizational needs to determine gaps and opportunities. This includes the development of strategies, advisement on foundational requirements, and creation of project plans necessary to unlock data driven marketing.  

Questions we answer:

  • How can I create efficiencies in how we activate and measure with MarTech and AdTech?
  • Do I have the right technologies in place to effectively activate and measure marketing performance?
  • Do I need a CDP?

Customer Data Activation and Monetization

Development of a strategy and roadmap for integrating with data on-boarders and media platforms to enable and automate customer and audience strategies. This includes the development of strategies for monetization of first-party data and digital assets for Retail Media Networks.

Questions we answer:

  • How do I better leverage my existing customer data? 
  • How do we monetize our first-party data for our endemic and non-endemic brands?
  • Should we expand our Retail Media offerings across multiple DSPs?

Technology Partner Evaluation and Selection

Management of the evaluation, selection, and onboarding of MarTech partners via an RFI process, anchoring strategic selection against business priorities, values, and use cases.

Questions we answer:

  • Which CPD partner enables all desired future use cases?
  • Which MTA partner would unlock deeper insights into our media investments?

Let’s Discuss Your Business Growth Opportunities

Based on your growth goals, market opportunity, and current paid and owned marketing efforts, our team will work with you to identify digital opportunities for business growth, customizing an approach that is right for your business through an assessment or project-based support.


Our consulting team members are thought leaders in consumer research and insights, customer segmentation, digital activation, and enterprise measurement. They frequently share insights and perspectives about the future of marketing, media, and measurement.

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