We diagnose and solve business problems and digital challenges to accelerate enterprise growth.

How We’re Different

Our consulting practice helps clients transform the measure of marketing success, bringing customer-centered approaches to business strategy, marketing strategy, media strategy and enterprise measurement. We diagnose and solve the business problems and marketing challenges that stand in the way of driving and accelerating enterprise growth: challenges with consumer and customer understanding, segmentations, marketing strategy and digital activations, reporting, analytics, holistic measurement, supporting organizational structure, and implementing solutions.

Ovative Consulting covers a spectrum of business problems and digital challenges, ranging from enterprise-level business, customer, and marketing strategies to highly technical measurement and technology strategies and solutions.

Ovative Consulting is differentiated in four ways:

We are a team of seasoned management strategy consultants with experience working at large companies and consulting firms.

We seek to drive growth, and all of our engagements, through a customer-centered approach.

We are embedded in a world-class digital media and measurement agency and we draw upon that expertise in our engagement.

We go further than most consulting firms and build out prototypes, implementation plans, activation strategies, and facilitate transitions to ongoing Media and Measurement engagements.

How we help

The nature of our work is flexible to meet client needs, but often includes projects like:


Consumer Research & Insights: Data-driven research and insights that allow for informed strategic decisions grounded in the consumer and customer behavior, including insights development, competitive intelligence, industry perspectives, and primary research.

Questions we answer:

  • How do consumers research and shop for my products?
  • What matters to consumers and customers? In marketing, messaging, media?
  • How is the competitive landscape and overall market changing, and how will my customers change?

Customer Segmentation & Activation: Strategies to segment, define, understand, and effectively engage high-value customers along the purchase journey, including segmentations, data-driven personas and segment profiles, and consumer journeys.

Questions we answer:

  • How should I segment my customer base to maximize marketing efficiency and revenue growth?
  • How can I better understand who are my most valuable customers? How can I find more of them?
  • How can I activate against previous segmentation and persona work?


Customer Strategy Activation & Digital Marketing Activation Strategies: Strategies and approaches to turn theory into practice, supporting activation in traditional and digital channels in a full-funnel, customer-centered way, including audience strategies, investment approaches, channel strategies, and contact strategies.

Questions we answer:

  • How can I translate my customer strategy into the right digital marketing media programs and experiences?
  • How can I create cohesion across my paid media, owned programs, and digital assets?
  • What is the right balance between a test-in approach and wholesale change?


Measurement Strategy & Solution Design: Strategies and analytical foundations necessary to unlock more holistic and customer-centric measures of marketing impact (like Enterprise Marketing Return).

Questions we answer:

  • How do I effectively measure my consumer-oriented marketing strategies?
  • What measurement capabilities and technology investments do I need?
  • What types of modeling and analytics are best suited to meet my needs?
  • What is the optimal solution architecture to meet my needs?

Prototyping & Implementation Support: Methodologies and prototypes to show upside and inform steady-state design. Selection and implementation of 3rd party solution. Technical project management and best practice advisory. Socialization plans to educate and prime the organization for what’s next.

Questions we answer:

  • What is most efficient way to build and implement a solution that solves for what is critical now, while giving us the flexibility to continue to evolve and grow over time?
  • Once live, how can we demystify this new data and modeling to educate and secure buy-in?

Reporting Development & Activation Planning: Strategic metric definitions and reporting for decision-making, stitched together data from client-owned and proprietary tools, to deliver comprehensive, actionable insights. Insights-driven activation plans and support in securing buy-in for new metrics.

Questions we answer:

  • What is my EMR?
  • How do we know we can trust this data, now and on an ongoing basis?
  • How do we use these new metrics to identify priorities and adjust strategies?
  • What is our 12-month activation roadmap and what are the expected benefits?

Testing & Activation Program Management & Execution: Strategic testing plans and activation agendas. Hands-on analytics and testing support, including test design, execution, measurement support, and staff augmentation. Business impact tracking and stakeholder communication to build organizational alignment.

Questions we answer:

  • How can we improve adoption and instill an EMR mindset across the organization?
  • How can we use EMR to improve financial planning and better tie to business KPIs?
  • How can we best organize our teams and develop skillsets to maintain momentum and scale?


Our consulting team members are thought leaders in consumer research and insights, customer segmentation, digital activation, and enterprise measurement. They frequently share insights and perspectives about the future of marketing, media, and measurement.

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