Site-to-Store Optimization

Mattress Manufacturer & Retailer

Connected onsite actions to store sales to identify most valuable site actions for improved website and media optimization efforts for the enterprise at large.


A national home furnishings retailer, with +90% of sales taking place offline, had a desire to understand and improve their website’s impact on store sales.


  • Identified and prioritized 8 key site actions on site
  • Quantified that key action buyer is 2x more likely to buy than a qualified buyer, and 5x more likely to buy than a unique site visitor
  • Leveraged key actions to optimize media, driving +$13M incremental revenue through Ovative media advisory services


1. Our team began by identifying key actions on site that indicate a higher propensity for in-store sales. We identified 30+ onsite actions (e.g., store locator or financing page visit).

2. We leveraged an onsite and email pixel to connect onsite actions and store sales, prioritizing 8 key actions. We used the pixels to calculate buy-rates for identified actions and prioritized based on weighted buy rates, engagements, and conversions.

3. We introduced a new enterprise-wide metric (total key actions) that is tracked weekly by leadership. This allows for easier interpretation and optimization of the key metrics across the site and media.

4. Our team influenced site and digital media optimization through A/B testing and personalization programs measured against total key actions. We continuously review efforts based on key action performance, website evolution, and changes in customer behavior.

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