Customer Strategy & Activation

Vitamin & Supplement Provider

Reversed declining performance trends and outperformed goals by adopting a customer-centric growth strategy and activating on insights across paid and owned media channels.


A DTC health supplement provider was looking to better understand their high value customer segments in order to profitably protect and grow them by scaling media efforts, and thereby counteract declining net sales and high customer churn.


  • Identified, prioritized, and dimensionalized five high-value, need-based segments for activation across media channels
  • Built detailed marketing and contact strategies to acquire, retain, and grow customers by segment throughout their lifecycles
  • Shifted to Enterprise Marketing Return focus with a customer-centric media plan to drive an incremental +20% monthly profit
  • Optimized creative and messaging for 3.2x more efficient CTA and 24% stronger cost per ad recall


1. Defined and dimensionalized high-value need-based segments. Leveraged first-party CRM data, secondary research, and merchandise insights to define data-driven and actionable customer segments, aligning with key stakeholders along the way.

2. Developed marketing and contact strategies to grow and retain customers throughout the lifecycle. Identified segment-specific recommendations for channel, product, pricing, and positioning considerations.

3. Translated segments and marketing strategies to activation. Supporting building of media audiences in the client’s DMP. Informed media and site testing plans for activation with an eye toward Enterprise Marketing Return.

4. Launched media roadmaps to test into new customer strategies. Testing segment-oriented campaign structures, high future-value product bid adjustments, audiences, landing pages, and creative.

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