New Customer Acquisition

Michigan Lottery

Drove efficient new customer acquisition for the state lottery program through integrated media planning and experience enhancements.


Michigan Lottery was looking to accelerate acquisition of new players for both iLottery and Retail stores while increasing long-term player value to maximize the Lottery’s contribution to the Michigan School Aid Fund.


  • Gained 26K new customers
  • Drove 20:1 incremental retail sales return on ad spend


1. Established strategic paid media mix and monthly test and learn plan across channels. The test plan, across Paid Social, Paid Search, ConnectedTV, Digital Audio, and programmatic Display partners, focused primarily on driving iLottery new player acquisition and retail sales.

2. Utilized Ovative’s Creative Lab to create and iterate on engaging creative assets. Doubled down on creative work, pairing it with extensive landing page testing to enhance each aspect of the customer journey.

3. Leveraged MAP to measure digital performance against online and store sales for hands-on media optimizations. MAP, Ovative’s proprietary measurement solution, incorporates multi-touch sub-channel attribution, in-market incrementality testing, and ticket scan data to deliver the Lottery industry’s first digital to retail measurement solution.

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