Optimizing on Marketplaces & B2B

Smart Home Tech Provider

Driving efficient growth across B2C and B2B audiences through innovative paid and owned media activation on marketplaces, site optimization and testing, creative services, and product-level measurement rooted in Enterprise Marketing Return.


A smart home system product and technology provider was looking for a strategic partner to drive product-level, cross-channel strategies to accelerate direct to consumer and professional segment growth while solidifying the brand and driving innovation. Ovative launched support at the start of 2020 across a breadth of services, including Marketplaces, Paid Search, Paid Social, Display, Site Optimization & Testing, SEO, and Creative Lab.


  • Efficiently drove +54% revenue on Amazon YTD versus goal with ROAS +4x to goal
  • B2B site testing and optimization driving an estimated incremental +$5.6M in this year revenue


1. Ovative continues to lead the development and refinement of a holistic marketing plan. We work with key stakeholders to design and connect a customized media, creative, site, and measurement strategy, which considers business and consumer objectives, the DIY and professional audiences, and performance against the full funnel stages.

2. Across priority marketplaces, we take an innovative approach rooted in measurement to support media. We actively work on profitably scaling media for the client’s top tier retail platforms, including Amazon, Walmart, and The Home Depot.

3. We optimize to the highest performing marketplace categories through EMR. We report on and optimize to Enterprise Marketing Return (EMR), capturing product-level sales and profitability, implementing changes in media adjustments to support. Over time, we’ll advance EMR through incrementality and in-store impact analyses.

4. On the B2B wholesale side, we drive incremental revenue by optimizing the logged-in site experience. Our team identified key site optimizations and designed an A/B testing plan, considering design and UX improvements, navigation enhancements, and a focus on conversion-driving site sections for the professional consumer needs.

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