Customer Strategy & Activation

Furniture & Mattress Franchise

Enabled customer-centric media activation through customer segmentation and journey mapping.



Integrated Media Planning & Optimization

Paid Digital Media

Strategy Consulting


A franchise furniture and mattress retailer looked to refine their existing customer segmentation and enable media activation and organizational understanding of their customer.


  • Identified 6 needs-based customer segments rooted in existing segmentation work
  • Built detailed customer journeys, identifying priority touchpoints for digital media activation
  • Developed customer-centric media activation roadmaps
  • Built in-platform audiences to enable customer-centric activation across franchise and corporate media accounts


1. Defined and dimensionalized 6 needs-based customer segments. Leveraged secondary research, existing segmentation data, and first party CRM data to create actionable and distinct audiences.

2. Developed detailed customer journeys for each segment to grow and retain customers. This was based on their purchase trigger, channel preferences, key inflection points, and desired positioning at each stage of the journey.

3. Translated customer strategies into digital media activation roadmaps. Identified channel-specific customer-centric opportunities across audiences, creative, experience, and account structure.

4. Launched media roadmaps, building in-platform audiences to target customer segments. Applied logic across media mix for franchise and corporate media accounts.

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