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Untangling Customer-Centricity: What is a “Customer Strategy” and Why Do It?

Your customer strategy must be crafted in the context of the broader business. This means segmenting customers based on dimensions that drive desired business outcomes, whether that be growth of total enterprise sales, sales within a population, or sales within a category. 

Once you understand your customer segments, you need to work closely with cross-functional stakeholders to design marketing and contact strategies that best serve the needs of your priority customers. Creating this action-oriented customer strategy can serve as a change management tool, grounding functional teams and channels around common, measurable growth goals.

Here is a starting point for how to create a customer-centric media strategy: 

Do you know who your most valuable customers are? Do you know when, how, or where to talk to them? Do you have a plan to measure the success of these efforts? If you can’t answer these questions, it’s time to start working through the steps we’ve identified above to create an end-to-end customer-centric strategy for your business.

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Julia Marks

Manager, Business Development & Marketing

About the Author

Julia is a Manager on the Business Development & Marketing team at Ovative. She comes to the sales side of the team with four years of delivery experience driving customer and marketing strategy, segmentation and insights, and competitive intelligence work. Julia has experience across a variety of verticals, including retail, luxury fashion, healthcare, automotive, grocery, and durables.

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