Incrementality Testing

Leading Fashion Retailer

Tested the incremental impact of targeting existing Direct Mail audience with Paid Social messaging to help drive customers down the funnel.


Marketing Analytics Platform

Paid Digital Media

Traditional Media


Leading fashion retailers was looking to efficiently optimize their combined digital and traditional channel mix.


  • Validated that Paid Social messaging drove positive incremental sales when served in combination with Direct Mail
  • Validated that evergreen Paid Social messaging outperformed Direct Mail-amplified Paid Social


1. Ovative drove test design, splitting the Direct Mail audience 3 ways at the customer level. These three audiences included recipients of Direct Mail and Direct Mail Paid Social, Direct Mail and evergreen Paid Social, and Direct Mail only.

2. We compared both test groups against the control to calculate incremental revenue per customer. We proved that both types of Paid Social messaging drove positive incremental sales when served in combination with Direct Mail above and beyond Direct Mail standalone.

3. We recommended the continuation of evergreen Paid Social messaging with Direct Mail to drive incremental sales. We assessed that evergreen Paid Social messaging ROAS outperformed direct mail-amplified Paid Social messaging ROAS by 3X.

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