Paid + Owned Media Activation

Social Networking Platform

Led the development of foundational marketing measurement strategy and capability development by defining comprehensive marketing planning and activation use cases, developing a KPI framework, mapping out a marketing analytics and reporting roadmap, and identifying requirements for capability roll-out in time for the business launch.


The marketplace portion of a major social media platform was preparing to launch a new destination experience and was seeking a partner to identify a holistic set of measurement needs, capabilities, and requirements.


  • Identified 25 measurement use cases for the business
  • Prioritized 7 use cases based on current value
  • Designed and syndicated a KPI framework
  • Defined measurement capabilities and related requirements for execution


1. We kicked-off by defining a comprehensive list of measurement use cases for the business. These spanned concepts such as business strategy, business operations, customer insights, site optimization, product optimization, budgeting, and marketing channel management.

2. We then worked with the client to prioritize the use cases to identify most pressing needs. Here we considered what would drive the most value for the business during the initial phase after relaunch for testing and adjusting with mostly organic growth.

3. Our team designed a robust KPI framework based on user touchpoints to provide visibility into the holistic set of metrics and relevant dimensions for the client to manage and grow their business along the user journey. This included detailed operating-level KPIs at the business, marketing, site, and customer level at each phase in the onsite and offsite funnels, linking back to broader primary KPIs like revenue and total users.

4. We defined measurement capabilities and tools required to power the desired KPIs, including specific and detailed data collection, data processing, and analytics recommendations needed to support the full environment.

5. Ovative then partnered with client team to define requirements for each measurement capability and use case based upon current capabilities, designing a prioritized roadmap for execution.

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