Customer Strategy & Activation

Fortune 10 Healthcare Company

Designed and ran a program to help a Fortune 10 healthcare company double digitally-attributed applications by building industry-leading, digital-first customer acquisition capabilities.


Integrated Media Planning & Optimization

Measurement Consulting

Owned Digital Media

Paid Digital Media

Strategy Consulting


A top three Medicare insurance provider was looking to expand digitally, seeking to articulate the consumer journey across touchpoints, clarify the growth model to support business targets, optimize cross-channel media planning and execution, improve the digital experience, design the appropriate holistic measurement approach, and augment their digital organization.


  • Designed holistic digital growth acceleration program including research-backed consumer journeys and a digital growth model
  • Identified improvements to Paid Search program estimated to increase enrollment by 18% on a flat budget
  • Developed a test roadmap for an integrated site experience and a holistic measurement approach
  • Advised on refinements to organizational structure and digital roles required


1. Designed a research-driven consumer fact base to inform consumer journeys, articulating audiences, touchpoints, needs, and triggers along the path to research and enroll.

2. Articulated full funnel marketing, media, site, and measurement considerations, emphasizing the importance of incorporating and coordinating upper and mid-funnel efforts with lower funnel efforts.

3. Developed an original pro forma model to set a common vision for digital growth and articulated what must be true based on key media strategy levers to achieve desired goals.

4. Worked with client media and external agency teams to optimize cross-channel media planning and buying to align with consumer insights and digital growth acceleration goals.

5. Identified comprehensive improvements to site experience to refine and optimize on-site experiences to increase domain authority, relevance, and conversion, working seamlessly with a multi-agency configuration through testing and analytics.

6. Advised on ongoing measurement to improve enrollment effectiveness and efficiency, identifying use cases, assessing existing tech stack against the consumer journey, and designing the scope and roadmap for a future comprehensive measurement solution.

7. Advised and guided change management and communication on team capabilities necessary for world-class digital capabilities.

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