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“Just Do” by Just Voting

This year has been a challenging year for Minneapolis, our country, and the world. The Coronavirus pandemic has reshaped the way customers and our clients interact. Social injustices and a heated political climate have driven communities apart. Many of us find ourselves wanting to “just do” but not knowing where to start.

Values have been core to Ovative Group since our founding. Over our ten years, we’ve taken a few opportunities to refine the specific language we use to describe our culture. When we moved to our new office space in 2019, we displayed our values on our main staircase for our staff to see every day: 

  • We are Genuine 
  • We are Driven 
  • We are Engaged 
  • We are Accountable 

Under the banner of “We are Accountable,” we make a commitment to just do, which means we acknowledge our responsibility to act when we see opportunities to have an impact. This commitment underlies all aspects of our business—from creating a new metric EMR (Enterprise Marketing Return), building a best-in-class technology MAP (Marketing Analytics Platform), to doing what is right for our clients’ businesses every day.  

When it comes to supporting our community, we also bring this “just do” attitude to bear—from establishing our annual The BrandLab Scholarship to consistently holding ourselves to higher standards of inclusiveness and commitment to change.

This year has been a challenging year for Minneapolisour country, and the world. The Coronavirus pandemic has reshaped the way customers and our clients interact. Social injustices and a heated political climate have driven communities apart. Many of us find ourselves wanting to “just do” but not knowing where to start. 

What’s One Thing You Can “Just Do” Today? Vote. 

We believe real change starts when we just take the first step. Today, we’re asking you to join us and just do” by just voting. 

As data lovers, we know that small gaps in your sample size can create big problems. In 2016, Minnesota had the highest voter turnout rate in the country for the general—at 74%. We know we can raise the bar this year! 

If you’re able to vote this year, “just do!There are many ways—in-person, in-person early, by mail—and we believe it’s essential that all voices are heard. Find information about your polling place and different voting options in Minnesota here. If you’re visiting us from another state, Democracy Works has all the information you need to participate in any state.   

How Will Ovative Continue to “Just Do?”

We know just voting won’t be enough—to continue our commitment, we’re launching our Skills-Based Volunteering ProgramOvative has taken the time in 2020 to reflect and ask, “how can we just do and use our skills in support of our communities in this time of need?” We’re excited to share Ovative will be launching a Skills-Based Volunteering Program. Ovative team members will be able to volunteer their digital marketing and measurement skills to organizations having a positive pact in our communities. 

This program will enable our team to do what they do best—amplify messages—for organizations driving change. We’ve just started creating this offering, and are looking for partners who we can support and who will provide us feedback as we grow. If your organization, or one you know, could benefit from these services or would like to support our program please get in touch by emailing [email protected]. 

We will be sharing more about Ovative’s Skills-Based Volunteering Program in the coming months on our blog, social media, and monthly newsletter. Sign up for our newsletter by contacting us here.

We are just beginning, 

Alex Meyers

Director, Measurement

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Alex Meyers is a Director of Measurement at Ovative. Alex leads Ovative’s Capability Development team, responsible for defining, building and managing technology products that enable clients to unlock insights across marketing channels and devices. In this role, Alex partners closely with clients to manage Ovative’s analytics technology and capabilities roadmap. In seven years at Ovative, Alex has led multiple... Read More >>

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