Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Ovative Group #CommitToChange

At Ovative Group, we vow to be champions of change; Fostering a culture inclusive of all dimensions of difference, within and beyond our walls, to attract, inspire and retain a diverse workforce.

Ovative Group #CommitToChange Alongside The Brand Lab.

The events in Minneapolis over the last several months, weeks, days and years have left us with many overt injustices to wrestle with in solutioning.  Although these are not new problems, in these times we stand in a catalytic environment challenged to make changes for the sake of the collective, the marginalized, the underrepresented.

Taking action and being data-driven is a core part of Ovative Group’s DNA. For the first time, we are releasing our demographic data, and challenging ourselves to strive for the same fearlessness we ask of clients every day – to unlock so much more.

Alongside our partners at The BrandLab and agencies big and small across our country, we express, in abundance, our commitment to change.

With this declaration we believe in our core the following to be true:

There is immense value in diversity. We recognize the urgency to make our environment more inclusive to attract & retain diverse talent. We understand that creating inclusive environments is a challenge in the world – we believe progress is not always made because people do not know where to start.

Our power will be in just starting.

We will start by elevating minority perspectives & experiences – believing that increased awareness and education where there is little today, will drive the greatest initial momentum in our journey toward inclusivity.

We will lean into our cultural values to guide our pursuits – we are driven to make Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion real and tangible at Ovative and we will keep our efforts genuine and authentic.

Along the journey to restoring a broken system of racial inequities we are committed to making change.

We are committed to listening.
We are committed to understanding.
We are committed to just starting.

Ovative Group, #CommitToChange #TheBrandLab

View Ovative Group’s #CommitToChange statement here.


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