Marketing for a Cause with Liwanag Ojala

Liwanag Ojala, CEO of CaringBridge, talks about marketing in the non-profit sector and how CaringBridge thrives in the ever-evolving landscape of social networking.

Riff 1 | What’s in a Name? (00:00 – 3:38): Liwanag shares the background on her name and the importance of getting people’s names right.

Riff 2 | Marketing for a Cause (3:40 – 8:17): Based on her experience, Liwanag covers the similarities and differences of marketing in the non-profit sector vs. for-profit enterprises.

Riff 3 | People Make the Difference (8:23 – 13:38): Brandon and Liwanag discuss the talent and the passion needed to work at a non-profit.

Riff 4 | Stick to our Knitting (13: 38 – 23:55): Liwanag explains how CaringBridge leans into its uniqueness in order to thrive among the social-network giants and how CaringBridge came to be an organization.

Riff 5 | Fact or Fiction (23:55 – 30:25): Brandon quizzes Liwanag on the state of charitable giving in the United States today.

Riff 6 | Final Advice (30:32 – 31:55): Liwanag touches on the importance of leveraging marketing talent to produce good in our world.

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Brandon Wishnow

Executive Vice President, Measurement Consulting

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Brandon is the Executive Vice President of Measurement & Activation at Ovative. He leads Ovative’s Measurement Consulting practice, responsible for diagnosing and solving business problems and marketing measurement challenges that prevent clients from accelerating enterprise growth. Prior to his current role, Brandon led the development of foundational teams and solution areas at Ovative including our Marketing Analytics Platform (MAP)... Read More >>

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Brandon Wishnow

Executive Vice President, Measurement Consulting

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