Online to Offline Optimization

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Connected digital media to the full customer experience, integrating offline call center data to inform intra-day media optimization for a direct-to-consumer start-up.


The client was seeking an agency partner to help launch a new business, looking to drive rapid growth in a hyper-competitive and saturated environment. They were seeking one partner who would act as an extension of the team and work across marketing strategy, digital and traditional paid media, owned media, and creative.


  • Increased enrollments by +216% with +37% and +11% improvements in call center and online conversion rates, respectively
  • Drove efficiencies with -60% CPA on scaled +26% media spend


1. Designed an integrated approach to reaching, engaging, and converting niche high value audiences across paid digital and traditional media, organic, email, and site experience, including the ingestion of an hourly call center data feed back into media channels

2. Implemented advanced measurement and reporting to tie media and site touchpoints to end conversions, using key indicators to identify users likely to enroll

3. Developed a custom tracking solution to enable our media teams to optimize program performance in real-time against metrics that matter to the business (like profitability)

4. Lead budget planning processes to ensure optimal media spend driving to desired performance objectives across the channel mix

5. Design and execute against a cross-channel testing roadmap to enhance media performance, improve the product, and maximize future conversions

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