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Marketer’s Recap Holiday 2020 | December Week 3

Consumer confidence falters amid COVID surges while in-store traffic rates experience 41% declines. Read how Marketers should respond and plan for 2021.

Just days until Christmas 2020, holiday retail shopping is coming to a close with spiking COVID cases and retailers pushing alternate fulfillment options as stores experience a much anticipated steep decline. Read all of our insights and what actions you should be taking below.

Macro Trends – What macroeconomic trends did we observe?

TREND 1: Despite recent positive market indicators, U.S. consumer confidence fell more than expected in December with the latest surge of COVID-19 cases.

TREND 2: As anticipated, despite shipping cutoffs in place for major delivery companies, store traffic dropped significantly to last year in the final days of shopping with potential relief to come from newly approved stimulus checks.

Ovative Cross-Client Trends – What trends did Ovative clients experience last week?

Last week, performance remained steady as retail clients maximized the final days of holiday sales, optimizing messaging, promotions, and BOPIS tactics in anticipation of shipping cut-offs, continued competition, and tapered demand.

  • Acquisition tactics continue to win with strong year over year revenue growth as consumers continue to try new brands and retailers, likely driven by deals, delivery options, and inventory availability.
  • Retail clients utilizing Buy Online, Pick-up In Store (BOPIS) fulfillment models have seen greater than expected sales performance following shipping cutoffs.
  • The most successful promotions leading up to shipping cutoffs were those highlighting free shipping and delivery by Christmas Eve if ordered before the cutoff dates. This urgent offer helped pull in last minute shoppers looking for delivery.

So what? Lean in to what has worked this holiday season with shifting consumer trends while finalizing plans for 2021. Develop strategies to retain and grow newly acquired clients beyond the holidays. Continue to listen to customers about how and where they are buying, and how you can improve the seamless shopping experience. This could include continued investments in hybrid and BOPIS fulfillment models.

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