DXO Optimization

Top National Casual Restaurant Chain

Ovative’s SEO team helped this top national casual restaurant chain optimize metadata for both brand and non-branded keyword targets, resulting in major performance improvements across organic sessions and revenue.


Each location detail page on restaurant’s contained non-optimized metadata (title tags and meta descriptions) for both brand and non-branded keyword targets. To improve relevancy signals for the location detail pages, Ovative provided a scalable solution to improve the relevancy and keyword targets across thousands of location pages on the domain.


  • +56% lift in organic sessions to location pages
  • +41% lift in organic revenue from location pages


  1. Understanding that localize traffic is vital to success, Ovative identified that the location detail pages needed to be optimized for local modifiers and non-brand keywords
  2. Ovative conducted keyword research to identify non-brand keywords to focus on to drive incremental organic traffic
  3. Ovative provided a scalable solution to update the metadata values for each location detail page to include local modifiers
  4. Brand team members reviewed the strategy and keyword targets to approve the implementation of the new metadata format, and also leveraged our insights to fuel paid search strategies
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