Digital Experience Optimization (DXO)

Our DXO team increases the incremental enterprise value of your site, mobile app, and email properties by improving all digital experience touchpoints in the customer journey.

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Our DXO team of strategists, ecommerce leaders, analytics experts, UX specialists, and digital product developers improves the user experience and drive incremental value across digital properties, focusing on key actions and optimizations that have the most potential to drive long-term impact across your full business (online and offline)We provide best-in-class measurement, quantitative and qualitative analyses and insights, and optimization services, based on CRO, CXO, A/B testing, and personalization best practices.

Services we provide include:

  • Site, app, email optimization
  • Landing page optimization
  • Personalization
  • Web design and UX assessments
  • Robust A/B testing program management
  • Customer-centric digital measurement
  • Tag setup and reporting

Our Philosophy

A connected digital experience wins

Ovative’s DXO team has a relentless focus on leveraging data and customer insights to optimize site, app, and email experiences in consideration of a customer’s overall experience, pulling the user through their connected online and offline journey. 


  • You want to optimize your site, app, or email experience for improved performance (revenue per visit, conversion rates, customer lifetime value) 
  • You are planning, or recently completed, a site or app redesign or replatform and want to accelerate digital performance growth  
  • You are looking to better understand your digital properties’ role in enterprise growth 
  • You have difficulty uncovering or actioning off customer behavior insights across digital properties  
  • You have siloed media, site, and ecomm initiatives versus enterprise strategies, data, and measurement 
  • You want a single source of truth for customer behavior and performance across your digital properties 
  • You have limited technical and development resources in-house 

Any of this sound familiar?

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How We Are Different

Focus on enterprise impact

Our team connects store transaction data to digital behavior to improve the enterprise value and drive incremental revenue for all traffic driving channels. We improve the user experience and value across digital properties by focusing on key actions and optimizations that have the greatest potential to drive incremental enterprise value across online and offline sales. We do all of this with an eye toward optimizing Enterprise Marketing Return (EMR).

Holistic, flexible approach 

We utilize proven and emerging best practices and tools across CRO, CXO, A/B testing, and personalization to bring together the most impactful and actionable solutions. We offer a holistic solution including measurement, insights, and ongoing program management to drive incremental business value, or we can support components of the solution and partner with existing providers.

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Integrated, customer-first approach 

We take a comprehensive approach, working alongside all traffic driving media channels to ensure a seamless digital customer journey. We bring together teams that are often siloed to develop a digital experience that puts the customer first. Improving relevancy of the digital experience tied to media campaign targeting and customer intent acts as a multiplier on marketing investments.  

Ready to find out how we can move the needle for you?

Let’s start with an audit. Our team will assess your digital properties to identify what is preventing your users from moving through and engaging with the experience. We translate this comprehensive analysis to tangible recommendations that move your business forward. Elements of your program we will assess include: 

  • Qualitative heuristic analysis of user flow and overall experience 
  • Quantitative performance assessment to highlight areas of opportunity 
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