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Ovative’s Commitment to Sustainability

With the recent release of IPCC’s 2021 climate report¹ , it has never been more vital for organizations across industries to commit to safer sustainability practices. As part of Ovative’s ‘return to work’ efforts, we plan to re-stand up our environmental committee to address these very issues. Here are the steps we are currently taking and where we plan to take these efforts in the future.  

The desire to work with and for organizations that have similar values has become increasingly popular, and this often includes a commitment to sustainability. From supply chain management to distribution to office recycling practices, the key is in taking actionable steps to protect the environment and the people that power any business. For change to begin to take place, we believe the power is in just starting, which is what our environmental committee is dedicated to doing.  


What Steps Have We Taken So Far?  

Charitable Giving Employee Match Program 

By implementing a charitable employee match program of up to $250 per donation, our team members are encouraged and incentivized to donate to organizations of their choice including those that are environmentally focused. Learn more about our Charitable Giving practices here². 

Sustainability Focused ‘Lunch and Learns’ 

To create greater awareness of sustainability issues, we have expanded learning opportunities through ‘lunch and learns’ where committee members discuss topics such as recycling, sustainable power sources, reducing carbon footprint, and more. This empowers team members to take small actions that lead to larger impacts. 

Company-Wide Recycling and Composting 

To reduce waste of food and single-use plastics, we have stocked our office kitchens with reusable utensils and are working to incorporate more zero-waste snacks. As we return to the office post-pandemic, we are frequently evaluating these practices to ensure our reusable materials are safe and clean for team members to use. We have also added composting and recycling bins throughout the office.  


Where Do We Plan To Go Next?  

Participation in Arbor Day and Earth Day 

As team members come back into the office, we will start the tradition of buying and planting trees in our North Loop neighborhood on Arbor Day, as well as hosting recycling events on Earth Day.   

Carbon Off-Setting for Company Travel 

As company travel picks back up, our committee will work with executives on an initiative to offset carbon emissions. To do this, we’ll conduct research on how much carbon we emit for a year of travel and form a strategy to invest (or pull back investment) in order to offset this.  

Renewable Office Energy 

We plan to continue conversations with management of our current office building on investing in renewable energy sources such as wind power. 

Continuous Learning 

As part of the environmental committee broader goals, we will continue to stay up to date on news, updates, and trends related to sustainability and revise our strategy accordingly.  


While we are proud of the progress made so far, we recognize much more can be done and are committed to taking action in driving a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. We will continue to provide updates on our progress. Ovative’s Champions of Change program is rooted in the desire to “Just Do” and “Do More” within our communities to drive social impact and sustained change. Learn more about Champions of Change here².

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1 | IPCC, 2021 Climate Change Report, August 2021

2 | Ovative Group, Champions of Change

Emily Zoborowski

2021 Summer Intern, Paid Search

About the Author

Emily is a member of the 2021 Ovative Summer Intern Class. She is currently a student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison studying Marketing and Digital Studies.

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