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Trading Perspectives with The Trade Desk: Three Marketing Strategies to Maximize Business Impact

In an advertising landscape cluttered with choice, The Trade Desk seeks to stand out and help brands generate business growth. At a recent event, The Trade Desk chatted with Ovative Group’s EVP of Media, Annie Zipfel, and other panelists about the marketing strategies that can maximize business’ bottom line.

Read on for our three major takeaways from the conversation:

The Impact of Retail Media Goes Beyond Retail

Many marketers are familiar with the rise of Retail Media, one of the hottest marketing topics of the year. Broken down to its core elements, it is media coupled with robust data that signals participation in a relevant shopping journey. This synergy empowers both endemic and non-endemic brands to gain deeper insights into their target audiences. Retail Media is evolving into a mature ecosystem that extends beyond the retail sector, with a growing focus on decoupling retailer data from its own managed service media opportunities. Now, retailers are discovering ways to sell those audiences across the open web in ways that gives brands more flexibility while maintaining high privacy standards.

Want to maximize your impact with Retail Media? First and foremost, utilize connected deterministic data at your disposal to make a clear distinction between loyal customers and price-driven consumers. Understanding this difference can ultimately result in the long-term stability of your targeting efforts.

Connected TV Is a Cost-Effective Solution

The second standout strategy in this dynamic marketing landscape is the widespread shift toward Connected TV (CTV). Surprisingly, despite 40% of users engaging with CTV, it only represents 19% of advertiser spend.

Ovative experts note that CTV is a cost-effective way to reach Gen Z and millennial audiences, capitalizing on their preferences for streaming content. While CTV operates similarly to linear TV by providing upper funnel awareness – traditionally, an expensive tactic – it also layers in targeting. This enables more efficient media spend and return.

What does this mean for marketers? Brands with limited budgets should leverage CTV to gain awareness typically found in linear TV. By layering in CTV’s targeting capabilities, brands can limit showing their ads to potential buyers only.

Marketing and Finance Belong Together

A long-anticipated merger is taking place between marketing and finance teams, departments that have typically operated separately. Annie Zipfel, EVP of Media at Ovative Group, notes that data has become the linchpin of this collaboration:

“Due to the wealth of data available to advertisers through their campaigns, marketing and finance teams are beginning to work in closer tandem. This type of collaboration drives more data-driven decision-making, which ultimately results in stronger business outcomes.”

Some brands are even noting that CFOs are, for the first time, questioning why more resources aren’t being allocated to marketing efforts.

While growing the size of your marketing budget is a long-term outcome to strive for, don’t get fixated on it. Maximize impact now by targeting the right consumers at the right moment while minimizing unproductive marketing spend. This will necessitate a rigorous testing plan to adapt to the ever-changing media market, helping businesses to understand the implications of new channels and target data combinations.

What’s Next for Marketers?

Finance and marketing teams are collaborating more closely than ever before. To bring this partnership to life, elevate the data at your fingertips now to demonstrate data-driven decision-making. Ready to take this step? With our unified marketing measurement tool MAP and expertise in data-driven strategies like CTV and Retail Media, our Ovative team is primed to demonstrate the impact of your media for the bottom-line of your business. Contact us now to get started!


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