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Unlocking the Potential of Your Digital Marketing Investments

The world of marketing is changing – but this isn’t breaking news to anyone. However, one thing Ovative’s CEO & Founder Dale Nitschke talked about during this month’s session for the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association on Unlocking the Potential of Your Digital Marketing Investments, which I don’t think many marketers are really owning and empowering themselves with, is the fact that marketing now owns a legitimate seat at the table. We are responsible for the levers that drive business outcomes in today’s growing digital world.

One of the key points of Dale’s presentation was that marketing teams shouldn’t be siloed anymore. They need to be close collaborators with CMO’s, CFOs, CTOs, merchants and others throughout their organizations. Businesses are no longer successful when they focus purely on the product or the brand. They are successful when they focus on the customer.

In addition to this, Dale gave the audience four ways marketing leaders can start unlocking the potential of their digital marketing investments.

  • Challenge your current metrics

    Always align the metrics that impact decisions around what you are actually trying to accomplish–using revenue and customer file growth. Channel results don’t tell the whole story. Often times, there is a bifurcated view of marketing, which leads to a fragmented view of the story that the data is telling. Metrics like Last Touch (an attribution model where last recorded interaction gets 100% credit for the eventual conversion event) or ROAS (Return On Ad Spend; calculated by dividing revenue or or sales by cost or spend) don’t take into account how other marketing initiatives might be working together to influence final sales. With one client, Ovative found online ads of vacuum cleaners might not be profitable for actually selling vacuums online, but for people researching vacuums before buying in store, it had a 30x impact on sales. It’s important to challenge the story your metrics are currently telling.
  • Identify the measurement gaps

    Know what you ideally want to be measuring and what your goals are. From there, you can break down where your gaps in measurement are that hold you back from being able to measure and track them.
  • Build awareness and trust

    Many organizations leaders’ success DNA is not digital or data, but they do know how to read reports – speak in their language. Get them in a comfortable starting space, where you can then lean in and help teach them. Come with an attitude that brings it as a discussion, not a demand. Conversation creates the opportunity to drive change.
  • Do: test, learn, share repeatThere is no formula for the right marketing tactics every time – it’s all about constant testing and learning. You have to build trust among your team and company so you are able to do. You need to learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Encourage your team to test and do something different.

The other main topic Dale touched on throughout the entire presentation was the importance of culture. If your organization doesn’t have two key pieces as an integral part of their culture, Trusting and Doing, then all the points above won’t work. Great culture delivers great results. If your company doesn’t trust you to do what is best for the customer and for the organization, and if you don’t trust the company to have your back when testing and doing, then your organization cannot unlock its fullest potential.

The final piece is actually just doing. How many great ideas have you or people at your organization had that just wither away and die out because it never gets approval or the trust to move forward on it? If you don’t have a culture of testing and learning and doing, and your team doesn’t feel safe doing, then staying innovative and on top of trends can’t happen.

Lillian Smith

Senior Analyst, Paid Social

About the Author

Lillian is a Senior Analyst on the Paid Social team at Ovative.

Dale Nitschke

Dale Nitschke

CEO & Founder

About the Author

Dale is the Founder and CEO of Ovative. After years of operating a large omni-channel business and leading a customer data initiative, Dale knew there was an opportunity to create a marketing firm that helped clients become more customer centric and drove better performance outcomes. A gap existed between business consultancies and advertising agencies that modern marketing approaches demand. He also believed that a strong, healthy culture could attract and develop smart, talented team members. In 2009, he formed Ovative to bring media, measurement, and consulting together under one roof to enable an enterprise approach that drives more revenue and grows clients’ customer base.

Prior to founding Ovative in 2009, Dale spent 23 years at Target Corporation where he served as President of and grew the ecommerce business from start-up stage to a $1 billion+ business and established the foundation of Target’s Guest database capabilities. Previously he served as SVP Merchandising at the Department Store Division of Dayton Hudson. Dale has advised retailers and brands globally on business, growth, marketing, and measurement transformation strategies.

Outside of Ovative, Dale is a leader on topics including business strategy, change management, and team leadership. He serves on the board of Allergy Amulet and on the Dean’s Advisory Board of the Wisconsin School of Business at UW-Madison.  He enjoys spending time with his family, up north in northern Wisconsin, playing golf, and cheering on Wisconsin sport teams.

Seth Brand

Senior Manager, Consulting

About the Author

Seth is a Senior Manager on the Consulting team at Ovative.

Amanda McCann

Senior Manager, Consulting

About the Author

Amanda is a Senior Manager on the Consulting team at Ovative, specializing in Retail Media Networks.

Jenny Reinke

Senior Analyst, Measurement Solutions

About the Author

Jenny is a Senior Analyst on the Measurement Solutions team at Ovative.

Annie Zipfel

Executive Vice President, Media

About the Author

Annie is the Executive Vice President of Media at Ovative. She oversees delivery and growth across paid and owned media (digital, traditional, and retail media) and creative services.

Annie has more than 30 years of experience in media, brand management, insights/analytics, marketing, and product. She has also developed large, high-performing teams and built new measurement capabilities. Annie led the marketing team at Andersen Windows & Doors, leading the digital, social, content, customer insights, and creative functions. Prior to that, Annie served in multiple marketing leadership roles at Starbucks, REI, Target, and General Mills, with a keen focus on brand, media, insights, analytics, and measurement.

Annie is an industry leader in brand management, customer insights, e-commerce, social media, and analytics. She enjoys hiking, traveling, cooking, fishing, and spending time with her sweet dog and two sons.

Bonnie Gross

Executive Vice President, Talent Services

About the Author

Bonnie is the Executive Vice President of Talent Services at Ovative. She is responsible for attracting and retaining top talent and creating a culture in which our team thrives personally and professionally. Under Bonnie’s leadership, Ovative has defined an industry leading leadership and development program and transformed our approach to talent recruitment with a focus on diversity, equality and inclusion. Prior to her current role, Bonnie led Ovative’s Client and Business Development team overseeing client satisfaction and new growth opportunities.

Before joining Ovative in 2014, Bonnie spent 13 years at Target Corporate as the VP of digital and Digital Marketing where she led the launch of Cartwheel, an industry-leading social shopping application. Bonnie was the VP of Marketing for Fingerhut for 15 years prior to joining Target.

Leander Cohen

Analyst, Consulting

About the Author

Leander Cohen is an Analyst on the Consulting team at Ovative.

Will Silva

Analyst, Measurement Solutions

About the Author

Will is an Analyst on the Measurement Solutions team at Ovative.

Sarah Chang

Sarah Chang

Analyst, Consulting

About the Author

Sarah Chang is an Analyst on the Consulting team at Ovative.

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