Competitive Intelligence

Fortune 100 Home Improvement Retailer

Developed a customer-centric framework and execution plan, unlocked improved customer insights and performance, and capitalized on best practices and emerging trends.


A Fortune 100 home improvement retailer wanted to revamp their paid search strategy to put the customer firstOvative helped them develop a customer-centric framework and execution plan to delineate media decisions by audience. Ovative aligned measurement to Enterprise Marketing Return (EMR) and built cooperative roadmaps to unlock improved customer insights, performance, and capitalize on best practices and emerging trends.


  • Estimated 16% lift to bottom line from paid search, validating the recommended shift to using EMR as the primary metric for measurement and paid search optimization
  • Established a customer-centric framework to identify and quantify the clients most valuable customer segments for paid search
  • Developed an actionable test, learn, and activate roadmap rooted in EMR


1. Assessed current SEM maturity (strategy, execution, measurement, reporting) and evaluated opportunities for the brand to think customer-first utilizing EMR


2. Partnered with client’s data science teams to construct a customer-centric EMR framework to quantify the value of different paid search customer segments


3. Advised on campaign structures and bid strategies based on EMR to advertise to customer segments differently based on value to truly activate upon the customer-centric framework


4. Drove organizational interest in aligning to EMR as the future north star metric to measure paid search performance


5. Built cooperative roadmaps to test into and unlock EMR including new customer insights, performance, and capitalize on best practices and emerging trends

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