Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A Fearless Take on Diversity and Inclusion with Ellen Walthour and Ingrid Sabah

Ellen Walthour, CEO of The BrandLab, and Ingrid Sabah, Analyst at Ovative Group and BrandLab board member, talk the importance of understanding the lived experiences of your team members.

Riff 1 | What is Diversity and Inclusion? (00:00 – 7:00): Ingrid and Ellen share their definitions of diversity and inclusion, and the importance of having diversity of lived experiences at your organization.

Riff 2 | What’s Keeping You Up at Night? (7:00 – 11:55): Ingrid and Ellen tackle the importance of surfacing microaggressions and the fearlessness that’s required to do so.

Riff 3 | It Takes Leaders (11:55 – 23:15): Unpacking the nuances of managing and leading a diverse team.

Riff 4 | Fact or Fiction (23:15 – 27:00): Is racial diversity expected to double in the US by 2050? Ellen and Ingrid answer this question and more in Fact or Fiction.

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Ingrid Sabah

Senior Analyst, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

About the Author

Ingrid Sabah is a Senior Analyst leading Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion at Ovative. In her role, she supports Talent Development and Acquisition, all with an eye towards elevating dimensions of difference. Ingrid is passionate about people and driving organizational change through curating community, empowering individuals to act, and leading authentically in everything she does.

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