MAP Raises the Bar with New Integrated Testing Functionality 

Incrementality testing is the gold standard in understanding true marketing performance. However, marketing measurement technologies today are not able to rapidly incorporate testing to make their models smarter and insights more actionable.

Ovative’s newest product enhancement to MAP, Integrated Testing, allows marketers to update their measurement models with inputs from testing in near real-time. The result is that marketers have fresh insights at their fingertips for improved decision-making and driving better business outcomes.


Meet MAP! 

There are many ways to assess marketing, but not many accurately measure the impact. Using Ovative’s AI-driven measurement tool MAP marketers see a 15% increase in their marketing return. Powered by Ovative’s holistic marketing metric, Enterprise Marketing Return (EMR), MAP’s Unified Model combines MMM and MTA measurement to help marketers understand the true value of their marketing investments across consumer touchpoints.


What is Integrated Testing:

Integrated testing is a new capability that easily incorporates incrementality test results into MAP’s Unified Model. After running an incrementality test for a specific channel or tactic, MAP rapidly ingests the test results to better inform and teach the Unified Model about the relative performance of that channel or tactic.


Why is Integrated Testing Unique?


Unlike other Unified Models that can only be updated quarterly or even annually, the Integrated Testing feature within MAP allows marketers to incorporate their testing results as soon as they are available. This allows action to be taken from MAP in near real-time rather than waiting for that next quarterly model update to act on new learnings. With refreshes weekly, MAP provides the most timely and actionable outputs in the market.


The ability to see test results integrated into reporting, as soon as a test has concluded, also instills confidence in investment decisions being made. When test results, performance reporting, and measurement experts are aligned around a cohesive and compelling story that will drive results; program efficiency and growth follow.


Testing and measurement outputs are only valuable as the ability to activate off learnings. That’s why MAP technology is always supported by a team of Measurement Experts that help our clients take meaningful action on the tool’s insights. 


So, What’s A Marketer to Do?

Incrementality testing should be part of every best-in-class marketing program. Marketers should consider if their program has the following:

  • An incrementality testing roadmap that prioritizes tests that will drive the most significant impact and return.
  • Training on incrementality testing and analysis to ensure results are grounded in empirical evidence and significance.
  • Actionable results are produced from the testing and are used to change future actions or inform future decisions.
  • Incrementality factors are ingested in marketing performance and measurement source of truth, improving the quality of measurement outputs and aligning the organization on performance.

Testing is a part of our DNA at Ovative, but testing is only as valuable as the ability to activate off learnings. That’s why our MAP technology is always supported by a team of Measurement Experts that help our clients take meaningful action on the tool’s insights. We’d love to talk to you about your testing and measurement goals! We are here to help.

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Kati Stewart

Director, Product Management

About the Author

Kati is a Director of Product Management at Ovative. She is responsible for driving forward the vision and product roadmap for Ovative’s best-in-class unified marketing measurement tool, MAP. In her role, she collaborates closely with her Ovative partners in Engineering, Data Science, and Measurement Solutions to develop new and innovative technology solutions centered around Enterprise Marketing Return (EMR). In addition to... Read More >>

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