Google Performance Max

Luxury Durables Brand Wins with Performance Max

Ovative worked with a luxury durables brand to geo-test Google Performance Max driving increased revenue, traffic, and campaign scale.


To raise brand and product awareness, a luxury durables brand wanted to understand if switching to Performance Max could increase efficiency and achieve brand goals.

Ovative recommended a head-to-head geo-split test between Performance Max and business as usual tactic Smart Shopping. The test objective was to see if Performance Max could drive more efficient traffic and revenue at the same level of investment.​​


Performance Max outperformed business as usual Smart Shopping by:

  • +4% Revenue and +3% ROAS
  • +17% Traffic and -14% CPCs
  • +21% CTR from CPC savings unlocking additional scale to reach qualified audiences


1. Partnered with the luxury durables client to implement a testing framework to understand Performance Max compared to other business as usual (BAU) search tactics like Smart Shopping. 

2. Executed a Geo-Split Comparison which enabled the retail client to test both products simultaneously in comparable markets and conditions.

3. Measured the effectiveness of Performance Max to unlock additional scaling opportunities. CPC cost savings unlocked scaling opportunities for the campaign, enabling the retail client to reach more qualified audiences and increase CTR (clickthrough rate) by 21% compared to Smart Shopping.

4. Included additional offerings in expanded reach across Google Discovery and Maps networks, and new ad units including Text Ads, Responsive Display Ads, Image Ads, and Map Listings Ads.

“We were excited to test a product that broadened our reach with additional Google networks and placements, meeting consumers at all stages on their path to purchase!” – Chris Thueringer, Senior Director at Ovative Group

PMAX results

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