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Commit To Change – An Ovative Update

Over the past five years, with an even greater focus in the past 20 months, Ovative has focused on creating an inclusive environment that attracts, inspires, and retains diverse talent. These efforts are a core part of who we are and are a key driver of our results. 

As part of our commitment to be ‘Champions of Change’, fostering a culture inclusive of all dimensions of difference, we have made significant strides throughout 2021 to bring broader accountability to the organization in three key ways.  

  1. We reoriented and grew our Talent Services team to elevate inclusivity in all of our efforts by creating two new teams: Diversity & Acquisition (to acquire top talent) and Inclusion & Development (to retain and develop talent).
  2. We launched the Champions of Change program, which is rooted in the desire to ‘just do’ and ‘do more’. This gives employees opportunities to increase their education on DE&I related topics, offer services to social benefit organizations, and take part in charitable giving initiatives.
  3. We remain committed to releasing our demographic data on a regular basis, challenging ourselves to stay focused on continued growth in diversity within our teams. We are confident this growth will enable us to unlock potential for our team and our clients. 
Ovative Demographics 2022

Ovative Demographics January 2022

There is power in progress, and yet there is much more we can do.

We are committed to fostering a culture of inclusivity that attracts and retains top talent.

We are committed to driving sustained change within and beyond Ovative’s walls.  

We are Champions of Change. 

Erin Aberg

Vice President, Talent Services

About the Author

Erin is the Vice President of Talent Services at Ovative, responsible for developing Ovative’s 160+ team members to maximize their potential. Erin is taking her experience in the business and redefining leadership and talent development programs to create a rewarding culture and inclusive work experience, fuel Ovative’s differentiation in the market, and advance the team’s personal and professional growth.... Read More >>

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