Paid & Owned Media

Our advantage is measurable.

We take a customer-centric approach to how we optimize paid and owned media based on a comprehensive set of metrics that impact our client’s businesses.

Paid & Owned Media Services

Search Engine Marketing

We buy and optimize search keywords based on performance, both online and offline.
Relentless Optimization

Our bid optimization frequency oftentimes outpaces other agencies 100:1.

Transparent & Frequent Reporting

We know the numbers, backwards and forwards. You always have access; we report weekly.

Keyword Streaming

We monitor new keywords being searched for daily and add them to campaigns as appropriate.

Feed Management & Product Listing Advertising

Creating and optimizing product feeds to maximize revenue through Google search.

Measurement & Incrementality

Constant testing to prove paid search investments are generating an incremental ROI.

Quarterly Audits

We conduct internal audits on each of our accounts to continuously improve performance.

Preferred Partners

Partnerships and certifications with Google, Bing, Kenshoo, Channel Advisor and more.

Paid Social

We connect paid media investments within
Facebook to e-commerce and in-store revenue.
Blueprint Certified
We are proud to have the most Facebook Blueprint
certified people in the United States.
Direct Response and Attribution
Measuring the ROI to e-commerce and attributing
these investments to in-store sales.
Full-Funnel Strategy
Mining analytics and insights to inform investments that elevate awareness, equity and conversion.
Creative Optimization
Performance-based insights for Facebook ad units
shared with client and agency teams.
Social Channel Expansion
Leading strategy and experimentation into new
social channels, assessed by financial return.

Search Engine Optimization

We go above and beyond the tactical execution of SEO to drive innovation and results.
The Impact of SEO

We use our proprietary measurement platform to prove whether (or not) SEO is working.

Managing Expectations & Education

People’s expectations of what SEO can do vary wildly; we help you make the case.

Organic Query-Based Analytics

We’ve built a tool that connects organic keyword queries to website analytics and performance.

Forecasting & Merchandising

Using keyword research to inform sales forecasts and identify product development opportunities.

A Full Suite of SEO Services

SEO expertise requires experience and expert coordination. We have both. Which allow us to deliver seamlessly among the suite of SEO services we provide:  

  • Technical SEO
  • Content Strategy
  • On Page Optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Authority Optimization


We prove which affiliate partners have the most significant impact on your business outcomes.

Defining the role affiliate marketing plays within your overall integrated marketing plan.


Identifying new sites, or optimizing existing ones, to find incremental revenue opportunities.


Manage all aspects of publisher partnerships, including offers, approvals, declines and inquires.


Optimizing investments to drive the highest ROI among publishers, promotions and channels.


Testing and finding the best performing discounts, cashback percentages and paid placements.


New affiliate growth opportunities through influencer outreach and non-traditional publishers.


Continual monitoring, analysis, recommendations and iteration to improve ad performance.


Active review of non-compliance, including fraud, cookie stuffing, unidentified site and more.

Increase in incremental revenue
Digital Marketing Audit
An analysis of how your digital marketing programs are performing, with insights and recommendations that move your business forward.

We conduct audits for paid search, paid social, display, affiliate, SEO and Amazon that result in a 25% increase in incremental revenue within three months.

Consider An Audit When...
Channel performance is down
You sense your current agency is underperforming
Site performance is down and the cause is unclear
Your account needs a facelift
You need support building out a mid and long-term strategic plan


We have demand-side platform expertise, bidding and optimizing 15x more than other agencies.
Audience Discovery
Leverage first party data to conduct segment
discovery for various targeting approaches.
Multiple Formats
Display for us means banners, in-app experiences,
sponsored content, native and video ads.
Buying Flexibility
Media placement through self-service, direct
and full-service retargeting partners like Criteo.
Enterprise Pixel
We place our proprietary impression pixel to
measure and optimize online and offline revenue.
Performance Isolation
Granular segmentation to isolate performance
and manage planning bidding appropriately.


We give clients the intel, confidence and operational rigor to monetize their Amazon presence.
Amazon Audit

For brands with an existing presence on Amazon, we provide a comprehensive audit that includes a gap assessment and roadmap recommendation to increase Amazon revenue.

Media Strategy & Placement

Identify Amazon’s role in your customer acquisition and retention strategies; paid media placement within Sponsored Products and other Amazon ad formats.

Financial & Operational Modeling

Defining an integrated strategy among vendor, authorized reseller and first-party seller models.

Listing & Feed Management

Creating new, or optimizing existing, product feeds and how they show up on Amazon.


Using the best data available, we provide insights into how Amazon is driving your business.

Website Optimization

Data analysis, testing and optimization to find underlying answers to the key questions.
Data Integrity & Implementation

We specialize in Google and Adobe Analytics, tag management and data layer consultation to ensure that you will have the data to understand performance/inform business decisions.

Replatforming Strategy

We support clients through their replatforming project with strategy and planning all the way through to QA and measurement to avoid common pitfalls and set them up for success.

Analytics & Insights

We understand how your users are navigating your site and connect the data to actionable explanations. Regular, or ad-hoc, reporting – usually done in conjunction with other Ovative services.

Testing & Personalization

We take your business strategy and what we know about users to inform A/B tests and optimizations to your customer’s website journey. We support through page development all the way through program management.

Paid & Owned Media Case Studies