Ovative considers all aspects of Affiliate program management through a performance-lens; planning, measuring, and optimizing to the incrementality and efficiency of the program. 

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Ovative approaches Affiliate marketing with a radically different, high-touch, measurement-first approach as we design and implement program strategies to help our clients drive incremental impact by eliminating wasted spend, increasing profitability, growing customer acquisition on and offline.

Services we provide, through advisory support or ongoing management, include: 

  • Partnership management and optimization 
  • Program recruitment and diversification 
  • Placement, commission, and cashback strategy 
  • In-store and card linked offer strategy 
  • Incrementality analysis 
  • Content and influencer strategy and optimization 
  • Promo evaluation and strategy  
  • TM+ program strategy and management 

Our Philosophy

Your affiliate program should drive incremental impact  

We design and implement Affiliate strategies for our clients that eliminate wasted spend, increase profitability, grow incremental revenue, and drive customer acquisition both online and offline. This often leads to dramatic shifts in spend, allowing clients to reinvest efficiency savings to drive scale with high-value Affiliate tactics and partners.  

How We Are Different 


Focus on incrementality

We built a proprietary Affiliate Incrementality Model that transparently highlights cross-publisher incrementality, enabling us to see real performance drivers and change course as needed to optimize to Enterprise Marketing Return (EMR).

Measurement-rooted approach

Our measurement approach creates an index for each publisher to inform strategy and optimizations, beyond just Affiliate platform data. We leverage insights and learning agendas to inform program decisions, including assessments of incrementality and effectiveness by publisher, tactic, pricing or payment structure, and promotion structure.

Strategic, high-touch program management

We are accountable for all aspects of Affiliate program management, from strategy to recruiting and management to ongoing testing and optimization. We ensure the channel is aligned with the clients’ brand voice, marketing objectives, and overall best interests. Our holistic approach to Affiliate program management means we work with you to define strategy, execute the approach, and consistently analyze performance.

Ready to find out how we can move the needle for you? 

Let’s start with an audit. Our team will evaluate the foundation of your current Affiliate program in conjunction with a future-looking incrementality analysis to identify opportunities to elevate from an executional and strategic standpoint. We translate this to tangible recommendations that move your business forward. Elements of your program we will assess include: 

  • Publisher spend and revenue contribution 
  • Commission rates by publish, category, SKU 
  • Placement incrementality by publisher 
  • Communication strategy, publisher relationship sentiment, promo calendar 
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