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Ovative is an industry leader in the Paid Search marketing space with a proven track record of driving enterprise impact.

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We manage and optimize Search Engine Marketing (SEM), or Paid Search, ads across text, shopping (PLA), and other Google and Microsoft inventory based on online and offline performance. Our team is known for driving incremental enterprise sales through Paid Search by activating against advanced, granular data and staying relentlessly focused on hands-on optimizations, always-on testing, and enterprise results. 

Our Philosophy

Paid Search should drive enterprise results

Our Search strategy, measurement and analysis, and execution are driven by our clients’ goals and our pursuit to maximize enterprise impact (inclusive of conversions occurring across all sales channels, online and offline). We design our Paid Search account structures and actions to fluidly adjust spend by key business dimensions: product category, margin and profitability variances, customer type and acquisition rates, and reporting needs, maximizing every dollar spent. 

How We Are Different

Focus on enterprise impact

We set up, report on, and optimize your program to unlock efficient enterprise results, considering the elements of Enterprise Marketing Return (EMR): online and offline impact, future customer value, incrementality, and profitability.  

Data enablement and relentless optimization

We capitalize on more advanced, granular data to better optimize programs to make an impact for your business, leveraging both online and offline indicators (e.g., call center capacity, store traffic and sales, lead scores) to inform optimizations. We apply constant algorithmic and hands-on optimizations fueled by strong analytical skills and data-driven decisioning with a level of accountability as if the dollars we manage are our own.   

Emphasis on testing

We run continuous, rigorous testing to drive conversion and acquisition growth at the highest efficiencies. Each step of the customer decision funnel represents an opportunity for testing and optimization, including incrementality, co-channel marketing, ad copy, and user experience testing.  

Customer-centric approach

We structure accounts based on consumer intent and conversion funnel stage and leverage robust consumer insights to tailor our approach, ensuring we capitalize on and optimize every opportunity to speak to the consumer along their journey. This results in revenue and customer file growth. 

Holistic Search approach

We take a holistic, integrated approach to search, managing SEM and SEO together to maximize your business results. We believe that the two channels are closely linked, and, when wielded in tandem, can drive significant efficiencies in search performance and increase your visibility.

Strategic partnerships

We leverage our relationships with search engine and technology partners to unlock access to alpha and beta testing opportunities for our clients, gain access to walled content, and ensure our clients’ programs are consistently on the bleeding edge of new platform features and capabilities.

Ready to find out how we can move the needle for you?

Let’s start with an audit. Our Paid Search team will dive into your account and uncover short and long-term optimization opportunities. We translate this comprehensive analysis to tangible and quantifiable recommendations that move your business forward. Elements of your program we will assess include: 

  • Keywords, bidding, and segmentation 
  • Audiences, creative, and landing pages 
  • Shopping feed structure and health 
  • Testing, expansion, and innovation 
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