Programmatic & Display

Ovative takes an audience-first approach to develop Programmatic & Display strategies across all established and emerging tactics that deliver against performance objectives. 



Ovative plans, buys, and optimizes media against all Programmatic & Display tactics across both performance and brand-oriented efforts. Support includes omnichannel strategy development, planning, and buying, hands on day-to-day campaign management and optimization, advanced audience activation, ongoing measurement and testing, and integrated media partner program management.  

Tactics include:

  • Omni-channel programmatic media
  • Display prospecting
  • Static and dynamic retargeting
  • Native ads
  • Sponsored content
  • In-app ads
  • Mobile Rich Media

Our Philosophy

An integrated consumer-led approach is key 

The north star of our Programmatic & Display approach is understanding the audience, how they consume media, and knowing the most effective inventory and ad products to reach them in support of various campaign objectives. Our goal is to develop a customer-based approach to identify and reach high-value audiences throughout the purchase funnel that deliver on customer acquisition, retention, and branding goals.  

How We Are Different


Audience-first approach

We develop customer-oriented media strategies, building campaigns to engage and draw a consumer through their journey in consideration of acquisition, retention, and reactivation targets. We tailor our spend mix and partner selection based on audience insights and performance goals.

A commitment to executional excellence

We continuously test and optimize our approach, holding our media accountable to high standards of performance through ongoing checks and balances of quality, including measures of viewability, measurement, and performance. 

Focus on enterprise impact 

Our team measures and optimizes Programmatic & Display campaigns at the enterprise level, both online and offline. We do so with an eye toward the elements of Enterprise Marketing Return (EMR): online and offline impact, future customer value, incrementality, and profitability. 

Premier technology and relationships 

Our team leverages partners across the digital media technology stack to unlock product and inventory capabilities. Our technology stack typically includes access to demand-side platforms including a premier partnership with The Trade Desk, data onboarding tools including a premier partnership with LiveRamp, ad servers, verification and brand safety tools, and data management platforms.  

Ready to find out how we can move the needle for you?

Let’s start with an audit. Our team will take you through a customized and comprehensive analysis of your media activation across Programmatic & Display tactics. We translate this to tangible recommendations that move your business forward. 

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