Creative Lab

A team of creative strategists, designers and animators sharply focused on understanding how the intricacies of ad delivery on social platforms can be used in our client’s favor to drive improved performance.

Impact of the Lab

16% higher
return on investment
35% lower CPAs
for new customers
14% decrease
in media costs

How We Work

Design and Animate
Leveraging existing brand assets, we bring ads to life through motion and animation.
Test and Experiment
We partner closely with in-house media experts to develop testing plans that ensure every piece of creative put in market has a purpose.
Measure and Iterate
Hyperfocused on driving performance, we monitor results closely and identify opportunities to iterate on what's working.

Facebook Blueprint Certification

Improving campaign outcomes (such as increased conversion volume or more efficient cost-per-conversions) can be done in many ways on Facebook. One way that we have done it is by building creative better suited for the various placements and formats throughout Facebook and Instagram. The Creative Lab has been partnering closely with Ovative’s Paid Social team, all of whom are Facebook Blueprint Certified, to make the most of these opportunities. 


How to Build a Digital Creative Lab

There are limitless ways for brands to optimize performance through digital media. This is motivating for marketers, as evidenced by a 19% increase in digital media spending in the U.S. this year. Craig Pladson, Sr. Director of Marketing at Ovative Group, speaks to how we organize our teams and resources to make the most of this opportunity at the 2019 Digital Summit Conference. 

Our Team

Craig Pladson
Sam Medler
Lauren Smith
Brad Randall

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Once we've identified your greatest areas of opportunity, we operate in sprint-mode, producing creative in quick iterations. Reach out, and we will come with insights on how your brand might better use creative as a lever to drive performance.
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