Omni-Channel Measurement

Our measurement solutions, enabled by MAP, unlock insights across marketing channels and devices based on Enterprise Marketing Return.

Enterprise Marketing Return

A new metric that unifies marketing return by incorporating online and offline revenue, future customer value, incrementality and profitability.

The way most brands optimize their digital media


The way we optimize digital media for our clients

Future Customer Value

Marketing Analytics Platform (MAP)

An analytics platform we built that connects digital media investments to in-store sales.

Measurement Services

Customized analytics solutions that enable a customer-centric view of marketing performance and reveal media opportunities based on enterprise Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).
Budget Planning & Forecasting

Remixing and reallocating media budget based on optimization to enterprise ROAS.

Goal Definition & Valuation

Defining digital goals and using media mix analyses, incrementality testing, margin data, and customer LTV to align key goals into one value.

Maximize Opportunity

Executing shifts that maximize opportunity to overall business goals.

Customer Strategies

Targeting specific customer segments with media strategies to increase new customer acquisition and maximize the lifetime value of existing customers.

Establish the Case

Building the business case to intentionally engage the right customers at the right time to maximize the overall value of your customer base.

Customer Segmentation

Determining value of customer types and testing to understand how segments react.

Media Analytics & Testing

Identifying opportunities across and within audiences, channels, devices and categories to scale your media program while maintaining profitability.
Evaluate Optimization Levers
Identifying adjustments and targeting in digital media and bidding engines to increase ROAS.
Channel Analysis
Quantifying maximum spend and revenue opportunity for each channel, subchannel, and tactic.
ROAS Assessment
Creating comprehensive ROAS estimations to determine if ROAS is high enough to scale.

Test & Learn

Leveraging holdout testing, regression techniques, and other advanced analytics to validate media decisions and determine incremental values.

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