Meet MAP
An analytics platform we built that connects digital media investments to in-store sales.

The Impact of MAP

$25 Million
in cost savings
15% lift
in enterprise revenue
25% increase
in return on ad spend

What MAP Does

MAP was built to address many of the critical measurement challenges retailers face.

Online to Store

Connects CRM to digital data to join online and offline KPIs to enable enterprise measurement.
Online to Store

Customer Segmentation

Provides visibility into customer type, along with acquisition, reactivation and retention metrics.
Customer Segmentation

Media Granularity

Reporting at the campaign, category and customer level to support regular media optimization.
Media Granularity

Incrementality Testing

Utilizes MMM outputs and incrementality testing to reflect a return on enterprise ad spend.
Incrementality Testing

MAP Services

Budget Planning & Forecasting
Remixing and reallocating media budget based on optimization to enterprise ROAS.
Customer Strategies
Targeting specific customer segments with media strategies to increase new customer acquisition and maximize the lifetime value of existing customers.
Media Analytics & Testing
Identifying opportunities across and within audiences, channels, devices and categories to scale your media program while maintaining profitability.

How MAP Works

Data Collection & ID Resolution
Track, onboard and integrate data to increase data completeness and actionability across online, offline, devices and channels.
Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) Measurement
Statistical and custom rules based models that dynamically credit media touch point value to inform tactical level optimizations.
Unified Measurement
Layering in incrementality measures based on in market controlled test results and modeling the impact of budget shifts.
Reporting & Optimization Tools
Budget planning, reporting, and syndication tools used to turn enterprise metrics into decisions into action.

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