The BrandLab + Ovative Group Scholarship

by Caitlin McGuire and Morgan McLinden
April 17, 2020
Ovative Culture

Charitable Giving is a passion for many team members at Ovative Group. Through partnerships with global and local non-profits, our teams provide their time, energy, and services to help unlock the potential of youth in the greater Twin Cities community and beyond.

One key partnership we have fostered over the years is with The BrandLab, a Minneapolis based non-profit that introduces, guides, and prepares diverse students for creative careers through mentorship, internships, workshops, and more. Many of our employees have taken part in these programs, providing mentorship and guidance for BrandLab students. Along with program involvement, our employees have spearheaded the creation of The Ovative Scholarship in partnership with The BrandLab team.

This academic scholarship grants a deserving student from The BrandLab $10,000 to relieve the financial burden of college and help them further unlock their potential. This year we had the pleasure of granting this scholarship to Sucdi Jama, a freshman at Saint Catherine University studying Marketing, Economics, and Business Administration. Sucdi was chosen by a panel of team members at Ovative who felt that her application exemplified our mission of fearlessly unlocking potential.

Sucdi says that this scholarship will provide her with the opportunity to focus on her education and fully soak in all that her college experience has to offer: “As an immigrant, education is the most important thing to me. It is what leads one to success. However, success cannot be achieved without initiative. I have determination and passion, but not the financial backing needed to achieve my goal of becoming a Marketing Director. I was very happy and appreciative to learn that I was selected as the recipient of the Ovative+BrandLab scholarship. By awarding me the scholarship, Ovative Group and The BrandLab have lightened my financial burden which allows me to focus on the most important aspect of school – learning. This scholarship means that I’ll be able to cut down on work and experience what it’s like to be a college student. I would be able to join the business club at my school and many other clubs that can mold me and set me on the path I long to be on, the path to success. I will be able to focus on my education and get the grades I know I deserve. I am aware of what I’m capable of and with this scholarship I can unlock my potential.”


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