Making the Most of Your Content Marketing Spend

by Ovative Group
April 1, 2018

Have you heard of Digital Summit’s Everything: Content conference? It’s a one-day content marketing extravaganza, with deep dive sessions covering content marketing engagement and effectiveness. Craig Pladson, Sr. Director of Marketing at Ovative/group, was one of the speakers at the event. Craig covered a tricky and common question that marketers frequently ask themselves: How do I make the most out of my content marketing spend?

Craig indicated four specific strategies in order to optimize one’s marketing spend:

Know your true Social ROI

At first glance, social ROI can be misleading. Are you really accounting for all the costs? It’s not just the cost of the ad that comes into play. It’s the cost of paying someone to write and design the ads, cost of ongoing account/media management, tools and technology for the media, etc. It’s critical that you are accounting for how much it actually costs, not just your return on ad spend.

Measuring incrementality

Incrementality testing allows you to determine the influence of what a single variable, or set of variables, did on someone’s path to purchase – whether the impact is negative or positive. It’s important to understand how your content investments can have an incremental impact on your business.

Putting together a great content team

An ideal team has a strategist, writer, and designer. It is possible for one person to carry more than one of the skillsets. With a highly-effective content creation team, you are able to raise the bar on the quality of your content.

The mindset needed to connect the dots

You need to connect the dots among consumer needs, content investments and business outcomes. This doesn’t happen overnight, or in one marketing campaign. You need to plan and execute in-market sprints to optimize existing (and explore new) distribution channels. Learn what works best in the long run by testing often, challenging the status quo and trying new things.

Did this whet your appetite for more info? Check out Craig’s full presentation here: 

Feel free to add to the conversation. Comment here any thoughts or questions you have about making the most out of your content marketing spend.

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